What should great customer engagement look like?

What should great customer engagement look like?

September 17, 2014
What should great customer engagement look like?

It seems like every headline today promises mind-blowing information (thanks, BuzzFeed!). With today’s Illuminate event, we’re just aiming for a series of ah-ha moments.

We’ve assembled a group of forward-thinking companies for a live-streamed discussion about the future of customer engagement and how businesses can evolve in this new era of customer service.

Join us live at 3:00 ET (19:00 GMT) today, when Natali Morris of the TODAY Show and CNBC will talk with industry leaders—including Pinterest, Nine West, Box, Adobe, and Chico’s—to explore methods for proactively engaging with customers, providing true multichannel support, and using analytics to drive growth. And because we like to keep it real, we’ll also discuss practical strategies on how to structure your staff, processes, and technology so you can build out an engagement model that works for your company.

Check out all the details and the day’s agenda, and then be sure to tune in to watch the live stream and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #zengage.

While you’re waiting for the big event, we thought we’d give you a little sneak preview into the insights that some of our panelists will share today. We asked Aaron Franklin of Pinterest (@aaronseattle on Twitter) to share some of his thoughts on customer service and engagement, and what the future holds.

Zendesk: What’s changed the most about customer service in the last 5 years?
Customer service experiences have continued to move online and be automated. In many cases, users are now getting help instantly with experiences that exceed those offered by human beings. But in other cases, users have learned to jump straight to contacting the company. When design and technology meet to seamlessly help users, everyone wins, and I’m excited by the progress our industry is making in this direction.

Zendesk: What do you predict to be the biggest disruptor for customer service in five years?
Help centers are becoming more helpful and closer to the core product—instead of a dumping ground for information, they’re becoming interactive and personalized to lead visitors to the answers they need. In addition, more help is being offered in products so that users don’t have to visit another destination to get help.

Zendesk: What customer service metric will be most important in the future?
Self-help metrics. The vast majority of the 1+ million monthly visitors to our help center do not need to submit support tickets. The biggest impact we can make is to perfect the self-help experience, so we look closely at help center satisfaction, bounce rate, and the percentage of visitors who need to submit a ticket. Of course we also work to optimize (and learn from) the experience of those who have to write in.

This event is now history. You can check out our upcoming events here.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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