Integrating with Highrise CRM

Integrating with Highrise CRM

March 10, 2011
Integrating with Highrise CRM

We’ve recently noticed an increased interest in our integration with Highrise, the cloud-based CRM system by 37signals, and so we wanted to provide more information about how it works.

If you currently use both Highrise and Zendesk, this integration is a must. It is easy to set up and can be used by Zendesk and Highrise customers at no extra cost. You can read more on how to configure the Highrise widget in our support forums. If you’re not a user of either of service, it’s worth considering for your business.

CRM (customer relationship management) is a strategy for managing your company’s interactions with your current and potential customers. The goals are to attract new customers, as well as retain your current ones, by always being prepared when you talk to people. Know what your past conversations with the customer have been about. Know what problems customers encountered or are currently encountering. Keep track of what their particular needs are.

Sure, it’s common sense stuff, but keeping track of all that data can be difficult. This is where Zendesk and Highrise come to the rescue. Highrise keeps elegant records about your customers and your interactions with them; Zendesk makes customer support easy and keeps a record of all your support interactions. With the integration, you can see your Highrise customer data and add notes back to your Highrise records from within Zendesk.

How it works
Let’s say you receive a support ticket from a Michael Johnson. If Michael is in your Highrise, you’ll be able to access his information alongside the support ticket from him, as well as populate the ticket page with that information.

Furthermore, agents can add notes within the support ticket that will be added to that contact back in Highrise. Recording important support interactions in your CRM system ensures that you’ll be better prepared the next time you talk to them. It will help you retain customers by remembering and learning from your history with them.

Try it out! Read more on how to configure the Highrise widget in our support forums