Zendesk API Integrations Help Blue Mango Learning Systems Save Oodles of Time

January 28, 2011

Our company is Blue Mango Learning Systems. We are not only Zendesk partners, but also Zendesk users. Zendesk keeps us from letting customer support issues fall through the cracks, resulting in happier customers and a happier business. We find the product’s integrations to where it particularly shines and really saves us a lot of time. Zendesk is great on its own, but it has become even more useful since we’ve tied it in with other products we use.

Our Setup

Our Setup

There are two main apps that we tie into Zendesk, ScreenSteps Live and Batchbook. ScreenSteps Live is our hosted documentation solution and Batchbook is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that we use.

Customer Support

Customer Support

We use Zendesk for all of our help desk ticketing. Prior to using Zendesk we were using a shared Gmail account and that didn’t really go so well. Zendesk keeps us organized and helps us easily track the support conversations we have with our customers.

We use ScreenSteps Live for our online product documentation. Our ScreenSteps Live documentation is broken down into small, visual articles that answer very specific questions for our customers.

With the Zendesk/ScreenSteps Live widget we are able to search our ScreenSteps Live documentation right within the Zendesk interface. When we find an article that answers a customer’s question we can instantly insert a link to the answer in the ticket.


Why do I care about this? We have a lot of documentation on ScreenSteps Live (several hundred articles). Our customers love the visual aspect of our documentation and pointing them to those answers on ScreenSteps Live solves their issues more quickly than a text-only response. Having the integration between Zendesk and ScreenSteps Live means we can respond to most support requests in less than a minute. We don’t have to spend time looking through our documentation site for the right answer.



One of the most important tools for any business is a CRM. Without some sort of CRM it really becomes hard to keep up on all of your customers, leads, and partners. A year or two ago, we adopted Batchbook largely because of its flexible API and integrations with other services we were already using.

We use Batchbook to track all of our contacts. When a customer purchases one of our products, a new record is created in Batchbook. When someone signs up for a trial on ScreenSteps Live, a new record is created in Batchbook. Batchbook has become the hub of our customer communications.

One of our favorite things about Batchbook is the integration with Zendesk. This is a two-way integration that is really useful. When viewing a contact in Batchbook, we can see all of its Zendesk tickets.


From within Zendesk we can easily look up a customer record in Batchbook.


Why is this useful?

This two-way communication between Batchbook and Zendesk means that we are able to easily track all of the conversations we have had with any given customer. Many times I will open a prospect’s record in Batchbook and see that they have filed a support ticket in Zendesk. I can instantly open the ticket and see the prospect’s complete history. Were they asking if we had a specific feature? Did they have problems with something? Knowing all of this before I call or email the prospect is very important and the integration between Zendesk and Batchbook makes it simple.

Without a Zendesk/Batchbook integration we would be constantly switching between web applications to get the history on a customer. Without a Zendesk/ScreenSteps Live integration we would be searching our online documentation on one site to find answers to support tickets within Zendesk. The integrations between these applications make it easier to run our business and offer fantastic customer support.

Greg DeVore is the CEO of Blue Mango Learning Systems, the developers of ScreenSteps Desktop and ScreenSteps Live. ScreenSteps Desktop allows Zendesk users to quickly capture screenshots, annotate images and author knowledge base articles which can be posted directly to Zendesk forums. ScreenSteps Live is a hosted knowledge base solution that can be embedded as a Documentation tab in a Zendesk help desk. Both solutions save hours and hours of time when preparing and updating product documentation and tutorials.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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