It’s Tough Running an Airline

November 5, 2010

As the world swings into holiday travel mode, we can’t help but think about how our excitement at traveling afar to see beloved friends and relatives is often absolutely trounced by the trials and tribulations that come with having

An article in the Wall Street Journal notes that passenger complaints against airlines has risen by 32 percent. The data, acquired from the Department of Transportation, details what customers are complaining about: delays, misconnections, and a few other specifics that all lead to keeping them in the air, on the tarmac, or at the gate much longer than they’d like. The data, while compelling, doesn’t answer the question that screams through our heads when facing down a three-hour delay or cancellation. Why the hell does this happen?!?!

So here we’ve compiled some data that offers insight into how and why delays, cancelations, and other air travel hiccups come to pass.

Airline Customer Satisfaction Infographic (Lg)

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