New year, new integrations

New year, new integrations

January 28, 2014
New year, new integrations

We’re kicking off 2014 with a slew of new integrations (and by “slew,” we mean seven). With new entries for everything from contact center to gamification, the Zendesk apps marketplace is expanding to include even more of your favorite tools.

8×8 Contact Center
8×8 Virtual Contact Center is powerful, cloud-based contact center software that helps you escape the headache of running an on-premise PBX or ACD system. Using Zendesk’s new CTI toolkit, 8×8 has embedded its agent console inside of Zendesk with features like opening a new ticket when a phone call comes in, popping an existing customer profile while you’re being connected, and more.

ViralHeat is an enterprise-grade social media management platform that empowers you to listen to all your social channels and build meaningful, deep business connections. Add Zendesk to your streams in ViralHeat to keep your teams apprised of what’s going on in social channels, and create Zendesk tickets and respond directly in ViralHeat, to keep your team working in the tools they use the most.

AppGuru is a cloud-based app that helps you to manage both your business and personal productivity cloud apps. Create and manage user identities in a single cloud directory, and enforce policies to control app-level security and features. Easily manage your Zendesk team and the variety of apps they use with AppGuru and avoid the headache of trying to manage each service on its own.

Radialpoint SupportKit embeds instant help into your mobile app with just a few lines of code, so your users can get support when and where they need it. SupportKit gives your users the ability to read your Zendesk Help Center content and create support tickets directly from your mobile app.

Podbox has built a nifty tool that helps you sync data across your cloud applications, including Zendesk. Sync Zendesk contact information or organizations into any of the apps that Podbox supports to help keep your data across systems up to date. Podbox can even help reconcile duplicates or roll back a sync.

RedCritter is a platform for enhancing systems such as Zendesk with gamification elements like badges, points, rewards, skill tracking, and more. Create a rewards store and assign points, which will then be distributed based off actions performed in Zendesk. RedCritter can be configured to capture all sorts of elements and desired activities from Zendesk to help motivate your support team to give the best support possible.

IntegrateCloud is a new, easy-to-set-up-and-use integration platform that you can use to connect Zendesk with JIRA. Going beyond the out-of-the-box integration solution, IntegrateCloud allows you to map all the different fields available between both systems and assign a regular sync. IntegrateCloud ensures the data in both systems are kept up to date so your teams can keep on top of issues as they progress through the development cycle.

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