Keep Chat Conversations in One Place With LiveChat

November 17, 2010

Chat is a great tool to engage with your customers, but sometimes it might become complicated to keep track of everything that has been said in order to efficiently help a customer. With the improved LiveChat for Zendesk, leave no data behind by embedding a chat transcript onto a Zendesk ticket, all from the LiveChat window.

Now, you can forward LiveChat offline messages to Zendesk and create Zendesk tickets from the chat window, on-the-fly.

Creating tickets from the LiveChat window
Simply press the “Zendesk” button on your LiveChat window and you can transcribe the chat conversation onto a Zendesk ticket.

LiveChat integration

Preview the chat transcript and add comments before submitting this conversation as a ticket.

LiveChat software

Then, view your new ticket in Zendesk.

LiveChat ticket creation

What are our customers saying?

“Zendesk has greatly improved our response times and allowed us to quickly diagnose and inform our customers. LiveChat enables us to answer customer requests in real-time. Zendesk with LiveChat is a real asset to our company because we now have access to everything that has been said before we continue to engage with a customer.”
Janice Woodworth,

“The LiveChat & Zendesk duo is quicker than responding through regular emails. Customers love that!”
– Brad Lane,

“Our product has the concept of a virtual guide, and we use live chat to let students connect to the virtual guide, aka our support team. We are really focused on talking to our customers, so we use LiveChat for Zendesk for support and customer development.”
Sara Baldwin,

To learn how to set up this integration, click here.