Know Your Customers Even Better With User Tagging

June 21, 2011

You asked for it, and we listened! We are very excited to announce that as of today, you can easily categorize and identify your customers with our new User Tagging feature.

Agents or admins can now assign attributes, such as customer category, support agreement level, or customer life cycle stage, to people, or the organizations that these people belong to. Previously, you could only assign attributes — as tags — to tickets, which is helpful when categorizing your service requests. However, it is equally important to organize your customers so that you can better address their individual needs and issues, and tailor your support services according to these. This is where User Tagging comes in handy.

You are able to create business rules — triggers and automations — that only apply to those users or organizations who carry specific attributes. Enabling you to clearly segment your customer base. For example, you may have customers on premium support plans and therefore need to enable a specific workflow for their requests. With the help of User Tagging, you can automatically escalate the tickets these customers submit or go an extra step, and have these tickets be immediately rerouted to the account manager within your company.

Another advantage of user tagging is the ability to restrict knowledge base sections to a specific subset of your customers. This is very helpful when wanting to share information that should not be publicly available to all of your customers, through your knowledge base. For example, if you would like to share some information, such as special discounting or product beta programs, with only a select group of customers, you can now restrict access to this knowledge base section based on tags assigned to those premium customers.

With User Tagging, we are giving support agents much more flexibility to create rules, and provide more specialized support to their customers.

Click to learn more about Zendesk User Tagging.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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