Migrating from Clarify, SSO in Rails, Expert CSS Tips

September 28, 2009

Want to learn how to do really great CSS customization with Zendesk, how you migrate tickets from your Clarify system to Zendesk, or are you looking for SSO with Zendesk from your Rails app? Here’s three really great articles from the previous week on these exact subjects.

Migrating from Clarify
Gary Shermann, VP of Services and Support for Dovetail Software, demonstrates the power of APIs in this article describing how to migrate tickets from Clarify to Zendesk. Clarify was one of the leading old-school help desk products, now buried somewhere deep in the Amdocs product stack. Even if you’re not migrating from Clarify, this article is a good inspiration for using the APIs to populate your Zendesk.

SSO under Ruby on Rails
Zendesk’s remote authentication feature is a slick, easy and powerful way of implementing SSO for Zendesk. It makes Zendesk a serf of your primary authentication mechanism, that be MS Active Directory or any homegrown system. If your primary authentication system is built in Rails, Tobias Crawley from Hand Built Software LLC, has just released this little gem for helping you enable Zendesk SSO from your Rails application.

CSS Expert tips
We’ve recently mentioned Onehub and their really slick Zendesk implementation, taking the CCS customization capabilities to its boundaries. Now you can get a few tips directly from the source in this article published recently on Onehub’s blog. BTW Onehub empowers virtual teams with online tools for collaboration. Remember to check them out.

Thanks everybody for sharing your knowhow and experiences with Zendesk.