Mobile: The ‘smart’ move for better customer engagement

Mobile: The ‘smart’ move for better customer engagement

February 3, 2015
Mobile: The ‘smart’ move for better customer engagement

Just a decade ago, we wouldn’t fathom using our phones and tablets as primary methods of browsing the web. But today, smartphones never leave our hands. The trend toward investing in mobile technology is a smart move in this day and age, but companies often overlook the importance of providing a good mobile customer service experience.

We are better problem solvers now that we are surrounded by more resources. But even as analytics and self-service begin to dominate our customer service interactions, the need for direct agent-to-customer conversation is still critical.

According to Gartner’s predictions for 2015 and beyond, weak mobile customer service will harm customer engagement. Findings show that nearly 60% of customer service interactions required the intervention of a human agent in 2014, across industries, but this will be cut nearly in half over the next two years through more self-service, communities, alerts, and mobile devices. This means businesses must focus on what key customer experiences would benefit from engagement with a human, and where mobile should be a critical focus point.

Let’s think about what this situation might look like from the customer perspective. A customer is happily using your app and suddenly encounters a problem. If that user can’t find the answer within the app itself, he or she might be shuttled through several different channels, such as the web, email, forums, and forced to exit the app. What a hassle!

Unfortunately, when a customer leaves the app, the customer is no longer engaged. One way to fix this is to provide self-help materials directly within your app or service, right where your users are actually interacting with your app. This solution provides an effortless experience for users and saves time so that users can continue to explore your app. We are seeing more apps adopting this solution, and we expect this trend to continue.

Building a new app is a challenge, and often the support experience within an app just doesn’t get the love and attention it deserves. Designing customer service into the core experience of an app is critical for good customer engagement. When the app offer easy and effective solutions to your problems, it minimizes drop off rate in engagement and keeps your customers coming back.

We’re trying to help with this daunting task with the Zendesk Embeddables. We’ve been working hard to bring a set of tools to our customers that dramatically simplifies the process of implementing a high quality support experience to any app using our Mobile SDK for iOS or Android. With this, you can natively embed your entire Zendesk Help Center, ticketing, and Zopim chat into your app, and with minimal effort. And as a bonus, you can customize the entire look and feel to fit perfectly with your design.

There have been a lot of exciting new additions to the Zendesk platform and we are excited to share all the ways you can leverage our platform at DeveloperWeek 2015 (Feb. 6-12) and the Accelerate Hackathon (Feb. 7-8). If you are around, we’d love to see you. Come by our booth Feb. 10-11 during the Expo to say hello, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

And if you’re attending the hackathon, we challenge you to build the most creative support experience into your project using our platform. For a head start, check out our documentation and take a look at some sample projects on GitHub for Android and iOS.

With 66.8 percent smartphone saturation in the US alone (comScore 2014), and the continuing popularity of smartphones and tablets on the rise, we can’t afford to ignore the growing need for a customer service support system on mobile.

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