Monkeying Around With World-Class Customer Support

December 17, 2010

Resolving your customers’ issues quickly and effectively is the goal of every customer support team, but it’s only telling you half the story. Sure, you got the job done, but do you really know if that was enough to make your customer’s experience everything it could and should be? Can you really say if the experience was a good or bad one, or what you could have done to improve it?

That’s where SurveyMonkey comes in. A tool that nimbly handles customer inquiries with ease, SurveyMonkey enables organizations to gather information, find out areas that need improvement, and make the long-term fixes necessary to build a world-class customer service organization.

SurveyMonkey and Zendesk have teamed up to help you create a powerhouse customer-service department that really listens to its customers, appropriately responds to what they have to say, and gives you a more holistic view of your customer support. Find out how customers rated your service——and gain key insights that help you continually improve that service.

The seamless integration of SurveyMonkey into Zendesk allows you to automatically add a customer satisfaction survey directly into your customer support ticketing system. You can either access SurveyMonkey’s library of survey templates or go and create your own survey that better fits your specific needs. Zendesk automatically delivers the customer satisfaction survey. Then you track responses to your survey through SurveyMonkey. Simple. Easy. End of story.

Want the details? Visit the FAQ. And then go sign up for SurveyMonkey.

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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