More Great User Groups Coming!

More Great User Groups Coming!

February 14, 2013
More Great User Groups Coming!

We have a few more user groups this quarter and we are hoping to see you there! Our first six user groups of 2013 have been incredibly successful. Our team has loved chatting with our customers and ensuring we are providing the absolute best support possible. In our surveys, the overwhelming response has been that attendees love hearing about different implementations of Zendesk because it gives them even more ideas on how to use the product. Just a few nuggets from our recent events:

  • Our NYC event was completely run by our four fearless leaders Scott Adamson of Reedemer Pres, Justin Scott of Rockstar Games, Victor Taylor of Case Commons, and Jose Ortiz of TCI College, including a user-lead breakout session on GoodData
  • In San Diego, Voxox hosted the event in their game room, which made for a festive atmosphere
  • In Austin, we followed up a large user group with a great  customer service hangout the following evening (with more than a few beers to go around).
  • In SF, seven members of our product team participated in the event and lead incredibly focused sessions on analytics, community tips and tricks, and a how-to on building customer happiness.

Join us!
2/20: Boston
2/21: Boston (Customer Service Hangout)
2/28: Seattle, WA
3/5: Washington, DC
3/7: Chicago, IL

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