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January 9, 2008

Since our latest major upgrade on December 2nd we have launched a number of smaller updates, while preparing a larger update slated for very soon, and another slated for mid-February. We’ve been busy and unfortunately too silent here on the blog, so a lot of these changes have gone unnoticed for a great deal of both established and new customers.

The new forums (that can act as both message board, blog, knowledge base and solution DB) can be made public accessible via a setting in user admission (


When this option is enabled anybody can access your forums. A good example is our own support pages on

Each forum can be configured individually with regard to read and write privileges.


You can set up forums that are accessible for your agents only. Handy for all your internal stuff. And forums accessible for everybody. If you have allowed public access to your forums, this literally means everybody. If not it only means those that are registered end-users in your help desk.

A forum can be locked so that only your agents can post in it. Or it can be open so that also your end-users can publish topics and posts. To avoid having your forums flooded with spam, it is required to be a registered user to post.

When posting a new topic agents (only) can configure whether replies are allowed or not. And they have the option of pinning topics to the home page of the help desk. This is useful for service announcements or other important messages.

It’s still possible to post a new topic directly from the context of a ticket. When selecting “post as solution” when updating a ticket, your ticket is converted into a forum topic (in a relevant forum, e.g. Solutions) for your editing, review and submission.

The new forums contain tons of additional features such as RSS feeds and rich text formatting, and we encourage you to take it for a spin. If you haven’t already, sign up for a Zendesk help desk. There’s a 30 day free trial.