Team Zenstache Wraps Up Movember, Raises $7,000!

Team Zenstache Wraps Up Movember, Raises $7,000!

December 6, 2011
Team Zenstache Wraps Up Movember, Raises $7,000!

This past month, a group of 20 gentlemen in our San Francisco office (including the author) joined forces to embarrass ourselves in an attempt to raise money for prostate cancer research through international charity Movember. We succeeded, raising an even $7,000 for men everywhere, including a generous $1,000 donation from Zendesk.

The general consensus among the team is that few things are as simultaneously masculine and embarrassing as growing a moustache to the unaccustomed–except maybe roller hockey. We constantly found ourselves forgetting about our ‘staches, only to glance in the mirror before attending an important meeting. It keeps the mood light if nothing else…

When all was said and done last Thursday, December 1st, some team members wasted little time and actually brought shaving supplies to the office, others let it linger a little while longer, while some still have a ‘stache out of sheer hipster irony (hence the hipster filter on our photo).

It was great seeing everyone put a little fur on their lip for a good cause. We handed out a few awards at our recent town hall, which are as follows:

Thanks for Trying
Eric Shen, for his anemic ‘stache

Please Shave Now!
Efi Harari, for his cameo with a gold chain

Keep the Mo!
Matt Heroux, for his mutton chops

Honorable Mention
Skip Moore, for shaving his beard for the first time in 7 years!

(Dis)Honorable Mention
Mikkel Svanne, for what could have been an amazing ‘stache that the world may never know!