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New improvements to the Sell App for Zendesk Support

More information, less clutter. Get the details below.

By Caroline Chromik

Last updated August 31, 2020

Today we release an improved version of the Sell app for Zendesk Support.

For businesses using both Zendesk Sell and Zendesk Support, this new update enables your sales and services teams to improve the overall buyer journey for prospects and create a better experience for customers.

As a refresher, the Sell app for Support:

  • Enables your customer-facing teams to better understand their prospects and customers who engage through support tickets, by displaying unique sales and contact information pulled directly from Sell

  • Allows support agents to create new leads for their sales team or loop in an associated sales rep so that when potential customers engage with your support team instead of sales, no opportunity slips through the cracks

How we’ve made the Sell app better

View deeper sales information inside of support tickets

Until now, support agents could only view certain sales details or contact info in the Sell app for Support, such as deal owner or customer status.

One of the improvements released to the Sell app today lets you pull more advanced data directly from Sell to display better context inside of support tickets, including custom fields.

Improved Sell App

This empowers businesses to share deeper, more unique prospect and customer information between their sales and services teams to better understand needs, provide more tailored or personal responses, and ultimately create a better experience for everyone in your book of business.

Remove clutter

Another improvement released today gives you the option to remove fields from the Sell app so you have better control over exactly what information your support team should see when helping prospects and customers.

By removing information that isn’t relevant to support agents, this alleviates clutter and focuses their efforts toward the most pertinent details with each customer interaction.

Customize how information is displayed

The last improvement to note is the ability to rearrange how information is displayed in the Sell app for Support. This new option allows you to sort and customize the order in which information is shown to support agents, ensuring they consider the most critical information first.

How to get started

For instructions on installing the Sell app for Support, you can access the help guide here.

For those already using the Sell app the update is automatically live so start customizing your Sell app now. Click here for a walkthrough on how to customize your Sell app configuration.

Use cases

  1. Consider the impact that providing a positive support experience has on prospects in your buying process. Through better visibility and enablement, support agents can positively influence the buying experience when working with prospects and ultimately increase their chance of becoming a customer.

  2. A great customer experience empowers customer growth and loyalty – with access to a deeper customer profile, support teams can be more proactive when responding to prospect or customer tickets. Better insight into each customer and their specific needs helps support agents to provide more personal responses and better prioritize important clientele or even those at risk.

  3. The Sell app can also help account managers or customer success teams to increase revenue and prevent churn or downgrades from existing customers. Say for example, your support team could view a customer’s level of churn risk on the Sell app inside of support tickets. This churn insight enables agents to appropriately prioritize ticket response quality, response time, and improve overall satisfaction with at-risk customers in effort to help prevent cancellations.

  4. Another way the Sell app could help account managers or success teams is through upsells. For example, let’s say as an account manager you’re trying to grow a customer and upgrade them to a higher paying plan. By clearing indicating this upsell to your support team (via the Sell app), agents are able to cater responses to encourage an upgrade or know to engage the account manager to craft a more strategic response.

Share ideas for how your team uses the Sell app for Support in the comments below!

This post originally ran on the Base blog. Please visit if you’d like to learn more about Zendesk Sell.

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