New Retail Touchpoints ebook: the physical store is alive and well

New Retail Touchpoints ebook: the physical store is alive and well

February 1, 2016
New Retail Touchpoints ebook: the physical store is alive and well

For years, marketers and journalists assured consumers that the ecommerce revolution would be all-changing—that physical stores of all kinds would cease to exist. And for a brief period, they seemed to be right. In the early 2000s slews of bookstores shut down, holiday shopping moved online, and everything from toilet paper to titanium was suddenly available on the new one-stop-shop site, Amazon.

But now it’s 2016 and stores have never truly died out. In fact, they seem to be having a renaissance. Even as ecommerce grows in popularity, people still enjoy going to a physical store to shop. A new report from Retail TouchPoints—sponsored by Zendesk—reveals the surprising truth: Brick-and-mortar retailers still control between 94% and 97% of total retail sales.

In the new ebook How To Get The Most Out Of Going Physical, Retail TouchPoints explores how retailers of all origins can connect with customers in a traditional store environment. They cover important points such as:

  1. Expanding the subscription model: Subscription-based retailers like Birchbox, Warby Parker, and Harry’s have found increased success and deeper customer relationships by providing physical store experiences.
  2. Reaching more shoppers via stores-within-stores: Businesses don’t have to build out a full store to provide customers with a physical shopping experience. Temporary boutiques act as great testing grounds for businesses curious about going physical.
  3. Boosting seasonal sales with pop-ups: Heading to physical stores during the holiday season is an annual shopping tradition. Ecommerce companies can be part of seasonal rush by creating holiday pop-up stores.
  4. Improving the brand relationship with alternative experiences:
    Shopping can happen anytime and anywhere—consumers want brands that design creative shopping experiences. Innovative retailers like Rapha and Bootleg Airstream have seen a pay-off from building experimental stores in non-traditional locations.

The full report also includes case studies of retailers who have increased sales by going physical. It also covers “The Four W’s” every business should ask to find out if it is ready to go physical.

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