Customer Support Apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android

September 28, 2010

Remember life before smartphones? How did we ever do anything? Times have changed. Today, with nearly every kind of information in the palm of our hands, we can communicate with others instantaneously from anywhere. And it’s not just phone, email, text, chat, web, music and video. Now it’s possible to download thousands of mobile applications for every imaginable purpose.

We believe that the most important points of value creation for a company are its conversations and relationships with customers. Sure, transactions drive the business. But in the long run it is connections between people that drive transactions, not the other way around. In today’s mobile world, where business conversations can happen anywhere, great customer support doesn’t begin or end at the office. How can we make sure we’re capturing all of the opportunities for the relationships made possible by this new mobility? Zendesk’s mobile customer support applications are your answer.

Zendesk for BlackBerry® is the latest addition to Zendesk’s mobile help desk products, which also include customer support applications for the popular iPhone® and Android™ platforms. These applications offer complete customer support agent workflow. Let’s put this into simpler terms: you can fully access, create and update all of your customer requests from your Zendesk mobile app. The beauty of using these customer support apps on your mobile device is that it puts you in a win-win situation. You win by responding to urgent customer requests on the fly, thereby preventing any fire drills when you’re back in the office. Your customers win by getting their requests answered faster. Happy customers = thriving company!

How is mobile Internet usage tied to your help desk?

Don’t neglect the powerful impact mobile traffic has on your business. Did you know that if all US mobile Internet time were condensed into one hour, 25 minutes would be spent on email alone? (Source: Nielsen, May 2010) Email is one of the largest channels for receiving customer support requests. That’s why smartphone technology is so vitally important to maintaining good customer relationships. Smartphones allow your support agents to handle email requests and engage with customers, anytime, anywhere.

Today more than 60,000 mobile help desk agents use Zendesk. According to AdMob, more than 70 percent of all worldwide mobile usage relies on the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android platforms. BlackBerry leads worldwide market share with 19 percent, followed by iPhone at 15 percent and Android at 10 percent. Now there is a Zendesk application for each of these platforms. Go ahead – download one of our mobile customer support applications now, and delight your customers!

Infographic showing iPhone, Android, and Blackberry statistics

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