Our Commercial: Zombies, Puppets, and Customer Service

October 13, 2010

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock (and that rock does not have Internet access), you have probably heard that Google will be releasing a television + internet + computer thing soon. As part of that, they are hosting a competition called TV For All. Small businesses were invited to make a 30-second commercial for themselves to be judged by a panel of media experts. The winner will receive $25,000 in Google TV & Video ads, a service from Google that allows businesses of all sizes to advertise on national television.

We at Zendesk heard about this campaign last Thursday and even though the deadline was yesterday, we decided to roll up our sleeves and produce something. Amy Ng, Zendesk Video Maker Extraordinaire, proposed we do something with puppets and zombies. Obviously we thought this was a good idea.

Amy worked through the weekend drawing zombie puppets based on Zendesk employees. Jacob Meltzer, Online Marketing Manager at Zendesk, wrote up the script and together with puppeteer help from Matthew Latkiewicz, Managing Editor of Zengage, the Zendesk blog, they produced this 30-second spot (up above).

There’s a voting process that starts Oct. 26th. We’ll remind you then to get out the vote!

Behind the Scenes

The Zendesk Zombies

Zombies patiently wait for their close up.

The Zendesk Zombie Set

Amy plying her marionette skills.

Shooting The Zendesk Zombie Commercial

Lights, camera, zombies!

Our Puppeteer

Zombies are no match for Zendesk.