Reach ALL of Your Customers in a Jiffy With Our Constant Contact Integration

June 23, 2011

Every business needs to be able to contact all of its customers quickly and easily. For instance, what if there is an outage, scheduled maintenance, or maybe a new feature you’re rolling out. How much better would it be if you could get everyone messaged with a few simple clicks? Awesome, right?

Our new integration with Constant Contact, the email marketing tool that can target groups of people via mailing lists, now lets you do just that. With just a few simple steps, you can easily and immediately notify your customers about anything you’d like. All you have to do is export a list of your end users into a Constant Contact mailing list.

Here’s how you do it.

This a native widget that once enabled can be added to any Zendesk page. In the example below, we’ve decided to add it to the people page.

Customer Mailing Lists

Enter your login information for both your Zendesk and Constant Contact accounts, but note that you still have to go to the Constant Contact homepage and login there to configure or send any email campaigns. When you provide your login information within the widget, it is simply providing access to Zendesk to the appropriate Constant Contact account to which you want the list uploaded.

Click get lists.

Login Screen for Constant Contact and Zendesk

The widget pulls up any available lists from your Constant Contact list. If you need to add any additional lists, they’ll have to go through Constant Contact first.

Select the list you’d like to import your Zendesk customers to, and then click import contacts. All of your customers will go into that list.

Constant Contact Mailing Lists and Zendesk

No need to worry about redundancies and someone getting a bunch of emails instead of one. If there is an email address in the list you are uploading to that matches one from your Zendesk list of users, the entry in Constant Contact will be updated with the most recently uploaded information from Zendesk. If there isn’t an email match, a new entry will be created.

Email Notification in Constant Contact for Zendesk

You’ll get a notification in your Zendesk account when your list is done uploading. Just keep in mind it’ll take a few minutes to building the list. Larger lists will take more time.

The advantage of this integration is how easy we’ve made it to communicate with customers. Our Regular and Starter customers now have the ability to pull a list from Constant Contact. Meanwhile, our Plus+ customers can now easily pull a list from Constant Contact in one step.

For more information on this widget, please go here.