Better business relationships start here: Relate Live NYC

Better business relationships start here: Relate Live NYC

August 27, 2015
Better business relationships start here: Relate Live NYC

“Relationships aren’t easy—at all.” The wise words of Caitlyn Jenner in her new reality TV show, “I Am Cait.” The evidence is everywhere: from the latest headlines (Ashley Madison, anyone?) to social media trolls to neighborhood gossip. It seems that whenever two or more human beings have a personal interaction, things can get… messy.

The same goes for business relationships: from office politics to Machiavellian bosses to customer service interactions gone horribly wrong, business relationships prove to be every bit as complicated as personal ones. That fact makes the challenging jobs of business leaders (and particularly those responsible for the customer experience) even more difficult.

What can we do about it? It feels like a little group therapy might be in order. (And an open bar couldn’t hurt.) And so we hope you’ll accept our invitation to talk it out together October 7-8 in New York at the inaugural Relate Live event—the conference designed to help you better understand your customers.

We’ll kick off the event with keynote speaker Starlee Kine, formerly of This American Life and host of Gimlet Media’s popular “Mystery Show,” recently dubbed Vanity Fair’s “podcast obsession.” Kine will share how the art of interviewing and storytelling can help build more authentic relationships in business and with customers.

Also headlining will be journalist and bestselling author Jon Ronson, whose new book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed explores our evolving culture in which a single tweet has the potential to ruin someone’s personal and professional life.

In between the keynotes from Starlee, Jon, and other industry luminaries, you can enjoy many other interesting sessions on everything from using innovation to conquer bureaucracy to finding out what your customers really think about you. The Relate Live agenda has all the details. Well, most of the details… isn’t it nice to have a couple surprises to look forward to?

Register today for Relate Live NYC—our discounted early bird pricing was extended to September 17!

We know. It's a lot to take in.

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