Remote Authentication for Single Sign-On with AD Support

June 20, 2008

We’re very pleased to announce support for Remote Authentication in Zendesk. Remote Authentication allows you to bypass the built-in registration and authentication mechanism in Zendesk and instead implement single sign-on (SSO) relying on your own user registration or identity management system.


The system comes natively with prebuilt SSO integration for Microsoft Active Directory (AD). By activating Remote Authentication for AD users will not be met by a Zendesk login-box but in stead redirected to a script authenticating them towards the specified AD. After successful authentication users will be redirected back to Zendesk.

Remote Authentication can be configured for any 3rd party user registration or authentication system. Say you provide end-user support for your web site users, and already provides a homebrewed user account system, you can configure Zendesk to remotely authenticate users against your own user system.

Remote Authentication is available for all Zendesk accounts on all plan levels.

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