Search Analytics Takes Self-Service to Intelligent New Heights

Search Analytics Takes Self-Service to Intelligent New Heights

March 14, 2012
Search Analytics Takes Self-Service to Intelligent New Heights

Thanks to its speed and convenience, self-service is the easiest way to maximize customer satisfaction and support efficiency. In fact, 36% of customers of online businesses prefer finding their own answers to talking to a support agent. But how do you measure the number of tickets you avoid? And how do you create the right content for self-service users? We’ve been hard at work trying to answer these questions. Our solution is a new feature, search analytics, that helps you understand what your “silent users” are searching for and create new (or alter existing) content based on their search queries. Our new reporting dashboard presents this information—alongside forum and help desk analytics—in a single place for quick access. Self-service hasn’t been this intelligent since Garry Kasparov used an ATM!

Drive Intelligent Self-Service with Search Analytics
Providing customers with the resources they need to solve their problems without contacting customer support (known as “ticket deflection”) is the surest way to scalable support and customer delight. Even the fastest support agents have their limits, and they’re best utilized in difficult, infrequent issues. Search analytics allows you to track self-service users and see both what they’re searching for and whether they found a relevant answer by looking at the following metrics:

– Searches with no results

– Searches with no clicks

– Searches with tickets created

You can use that information to intelligently prioritize changes and additions to self-service content, thus maximizing efficiency and lowering costs.

Glean Powerful Insights from Your Reporting Dashboard
Accessing this information is easier than ever before with our new reporting dashboard that presents all your analytics in one easy-to-navigate dashboard:

– Search analytics

– Ticket statistics

– Forum analytics

– Voice analytics

– Advanced reporting from GoodData

– Benchmarking data

Centralizing this information in the reporting dashboard creates a quick, powerful tool for managers to track support’s organizational impact.

For more information on search analytics and our new reporting dashboard, visit our forum post or sign up for a free 30-day trial of Zendesk.