Reporting from the Cloud: On-demand Analytics with Youcalc

August 26, 2009

Last week we announced a new edition of Zendesk that included some new reporting features. With Zendesk Plus+, users now get a near real-time CSV feed of ticket data including resolution time metrics and custom fields. You can import the feed directly into Excel or another spreadsheet application. But what we think is really cool is the work that some of our partners are doing to make real-time reporting even more useful for our users. Today we’re excited to highlight an app that allows you to connect directly into another cloud-based service.

Youcalc, an on-demand analytics company, has put together a really cool application — the Dashboard for Zendesk — that displays your tickets like you have never seen them before. The Youcalc dashboard can run standalone or be embedded into your website.

Zendesk and Youcalc cloud reporting

The Dashboard gives you the option to see your tickets at-a-glance which includes a ticket overview with any backlogged items and how tickets have been created over the last 10 weeks including a neat weekday overview as well as a time-of-day overview. And the ability to analyze tickets based on properties and an Agent Performance interface showing the distribution of tickets per agent as well as average resolution time.

Youcalc gives you the ability to copy and modify the standard reports using the Youcalc service and support apps. And according to Youcalc’s blog you can “expect more Zendesk apps to come as we get feedback from users and as users start to customize and build their own Zendesk analytics apps on Youcalc”. Sounds very good.

Best of all, it’s completely free. Grab it here.

As the new reporting feed is only available for our Plus+ customers, Youcalc has developed a widget for agents on all plans that makes it easier for them to track their personal performance. It’s optimized for the Zendesk widget interface and can be implemented as a custom widget using Youcalc’s code snippet. It also runs on the iPhone Safari browser making it easier to track reporting on-the-go. Get it from Youcalc’s web site.

You can read more about both of these apps on the Youcalc blog. Enjoy!