Research from Gartner underscores the role of mobile in customer engagement

Research from Gartner underscores the role of mobile in customer engagement

January 5, 2015
Research from Gartner underscores the role of mobile in customer engagement

We know the race to provide superior customer engagement is on. Rapid changes in technology and customer expectations continue to challenge the notion of business as usual. Customer conversations are becoming increasingly complex as technology allows for a growing number of Internet-connected devices (think: personal phones and tablets, as well as cameras, point-of-sale terminals, ATMs, and so on), a deluge of real-time analytics, and the rising adoption of video chat, easily available to customers through applications like Skype and Facetime.

Many customer service organizations and contact centers are already mapping the points of customer interaction across the business, yet we know the rise and inevitability of device-driven contacts opens a wider range of customer touchpoints that may be easy to overlook. Plus, siloing agent skills by social media, phone, email, or live chat may cause a disjointed experience as newer, emerging channels like text support or video chat evolve and grow.

We’re happy to report that you don’t have to win the race to keep your customers engaged. (Though you do have to run it.) Support is not the end point of the customer experience, especially when you embed support across all channels, devices, and environments. We believe products like Zendesk Embeddables reduce the customer’s effort when they need help by keeping customer service an integral part of the product and journey, even sharing important information about the customer’s device and software whenever they contact support.

We also believe that even the latest advances in technology can’t replace the human element—that your agents remain critical to the customer experience, and to your success. According to the Gartner report, decision makers should, “evaluate the current technologies that connect customer with enterprise, and which are best in connecting the customer with a human agent.”

Access the complimentary report to read Gartner’s key findings, strategic planning assumptions, and practical recommendations for 2015 and beyond

Gartner Predicts 2015: Weak Mobile Customer Service is Harming Customer Engagement, M. Maoz, J. Davies, J. Sussin, O. Huang, B. Manusama, and S. Slaymaker, 11 November 2014.

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