Research links volunteering with happier employees and customers

Published November 11, 2018
Last modified November 11, 2018

Volunteering does good and it feels good, but what’s more surprising is that it also makes for happier customers. Since 2012, Zendesk has woven corporate giving into its business model. To get a better sense of how Zendesk’s culture of volunteering has impacted our Advocates’ (customer-support employees’) feelings and performance on the job, we partnered with Drexel University to conduct a study.

We found that volunteering is associated with:

    Increased help-seeking behavior: The more agents volunteered together the more they felt comfortable seeking help from peers at work.

    More empathetic behavior: Volunteering encouraged advocates to flex their empathy muscles with individuals in the community, which led to employees flexing those muscles at work.

    Increased job satisfaction: Zendesk employees said that CSR makes them more loyal to the company, more satisfied in their job, and instills in them a greater pride in the surrounding community.

Encouraging our employees to contribute to the communities around them has not only helped strengthen interpersonal skills, it has made for more engaged employees in the workplace. We hope other companies will be inspired by the results below to build a culture of volunteering.

Read the study here.

If you would like to learn more about this study, or how to engage with your own community better, please email or visit the Zendesk Neighbor Foundation website.