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Ring in the new year with 9 new integrations

Last updated December 29, 2014

Do your New Year’s resolutions include working more efficiently? How about deflecting tickets or getting organized? Or perhaps you want to do more with your data, or better integrate your existing systems. If so, then these new apps and integrations just might help. (Pro tip: if you haven’t made any resolutions yet, there’s a checklist app to get you started.)

Blower for Cisco
Blower for Cisco is an great app built by Lovestock & Leaf that gives you access to your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) product directly inside Zendesk. This app allows you to make, receive, and transfer calls in Zendesk—and log the call in Zendesk at the same time. All you need is Cisco’s free Jabber software and you’re set to answer the phone from inside Zendesk.

The Microsoft Lync connector is built by our friends at Sensiple and helps you deliver a great customer experience from your Contact Center using Microsoft Lync as a communication platform. Utilize Lync calls and IM with Zendesk to log each support transaction as a ticket, and even have a screen pop of caller details when a call is answered. Once a call is presented, choose whether to create a new ticket, or open an existing ticket. Save chat transactions as tickets and view a customer’s Zendesk ticket history as you chat with them in Lync.

Managed Voice Connect
Managed Voice Connect is brought to us by pluscloud, and is focused on providing Dutch organizations with contact center capabilities for inbound and outbound calls. The Managed Voice Connect integration works with Zendesk to provide automatic call logging of any phone interaction inside Zendesk and helps speed up workflow for your agents.

Lovestock & Leaf is on a roll this month and also brings to the table Tickler, an easy to use checklist app. Create a to-do list for your tickets, so you can make sure you’ve run through everything you need before solving a ticket. Easily drag and drop tasks to change up the order, and keep track of your overall completion at a glance.

SetMore Appointments
SetMore Appointments brings a free online appointment calendar right inside your Zendesk tickets. Easily keep your staff updated about upcoming appointments and get notifications via SMS or phone notifications. Sync this information with your Outlook or Google Calendars and manage staff schedules without ever having to leave your Zendesk account.

AnswerDash brings contextual self-service answers to your website. Help deflect support tickets by providing contextual help on each page of your site. Great answers from your Zendesk tickets can be published in AnswerDash so people find the answers they need on the page where they are having the most problems.

Amity is a smarter, simpler customer success software. Empower your team to help manage your customers’ success using one integrated platform, powered with data from your Zendesk. Perform health checks and track how engaged your customers are in one powerful view.

Coxito Recent Activity
Coxito has created a great app to give you a complete picture of recent activity from each of your ticket requesters across multiple different cloud-based solutions. Search across Dropbox, Evernote, Microsoft Exchange, Smartsheet, and Zendesk to see what your customers have been up to.

SnapEngage Chat App
SnapEngage, and with the SnapEngage Chat App, has been a longtime partner. Now, with some recent updates, they’ve brought their live chat portal directly inside Zendesk so you can manage your interactions all in one place. Chat with multiple visitors at the same time, search Help Center articles, view agent stats, and create a Zendesk ticket from each chat interaction.

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