Adopt Lil’ Buddhy

November 5, 2009

Zendesk swag little buddhy for zenfession

Did you know we host a forum for
, and that if you tell your story that we'll send you awesome swag like the Little Buddhy shown here? (headphones not included).

Little Buddhy was a big hit at our Office Warming Party last week, and we wanted to make him available to those sharing their stories with us.

Zenfessions is an open forum, dedicated to the how and why, of how Zendesk is working for your company. As you can see from the view numbers on the stories, this section gets quite a bit of traffic which makes it a great opportunity to tell us a little about your company while letting the community know how the product works for you.

Leave a story or feedback in the forum and we'll send your choice of shirt, Zendesk Buddha Machine, or our new favorite… the little buddhy. 

What are you waiting for?!