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Some Support Tickets are Absurd

Last updated May 18, 2010

Most support exchanges are straightforward and friendly (hopefully); some can frustrating and heated (hopefully not too many); but in some cases, those exchanges can be patently absurd.

Our friends at crowdSPRING recently shared a support interaction which began “Hello, whores” and then continued into a philosophical discussion about vegetarianism Peter Singer would be proud of.  When asked whether vegetarianism provides a moral high ground, crowdSPRING’s director of marketing Pete tackles it like a mix between a support issue and an advice column:

crowdSPRING absurd support ticket

The exchange is totally engaging and funny and worth checking out.  And they use Zendesk, so you’ll notice some familiar UI.

eventarc, another Zendesk customer, also shared this ticket recently

Best Support Ticket Ever

Not as absurd, but a nice reminder nonetheless for any support crew.