Startup Makes Customer Service Look Easy

January 13, 2011

“Zendesk has been a very easy and natural tool for my technicians to learn. It provides all the functionality I was looking for, but without overkill.”

–Jonathan Dippert, Director, Stradecis

Stradecis provides IT services, IT coaching, and becomes the virtual CIO to smaller organizations. The company helps clients become more efficient by optimizing their use of information technology and services, effectively using software-as-a-service where applicable. Stradecis also provides IT advisory services to companies of all sizes. By mapping IT to specific business goals, Stradecis helps its clients achieve a balance of both efficiency and cost.

Outsourced IT provider seeks powerful and intuitive online support solution

Stradecis serves as the outsourced IT department for its corporate clients, providing a complete range of IT services. Zendesk allows Stradecis customers to synthesize ticket management so that every client from the individual user to the support agent can view tickets using one tool. Individual users can view their individual tickets. Client managers can view their organization’s entire inventory of tickets, while support agents can see all tickets for all organizations, using the same client. It’s no longer necessary to outfit different clients with different tools to meet their unique needs.

“When I founded Stradecis, I knew we would have to find a support solution that would let us implement once and deploy to as many organizations as we need,” says Jonathan Dippert, director, Stradecis. “That made me focus on web-based solutions.”

Stradecis delivers about 70 percent of its support remotely; as a result, the company recognizes the importance of keeping customers in the loop and resolving issues quickly. After his previous experience with support solutions which were sometimes too cumbersome, Dippert felt skeptical about finding a good fit.

“The last solution I used required too many steps to perform everyday tasks,” Dippert says. “I knew that if we made the help request process too difficult for our technicians and our clients, we would have tickets slipping through the cracks.”

No hassle. No learning curve. Instant productivity.

Dippert craved an ideal balance of sophistication and usability. He got it when he signed up for a free Zendesk trial.

“Of the three products I tested, Zendesk had the best feel to it,” Dippert says. “It felt intuitive right from the start, and it delivered the low startup cost and ease of integration we were looking for.”

Within two days, Stradecis’ new support solution was up and running. The learning curve for the company’s technicians has been minimal.

“Zendesk has been a very easy and natural tool for my technicians to learn,” says Dippert. “It provides all the functionality I was looking for, but without overkill.”

Ease-of-Use Saves Support Staff Valuable Time

Thanks to Zendesk’s flexible, web-based delivery model, Stradecis has rolled out its online support solution to each of its 10 clients. At each client company, users can log right into Zendesk to create a ticket.

Zendesk’s triggers let Stradecis send automatic notifications to its clients—keeping them informed. The company now delivers acknowledgements within one hour and resolves most tickets within four hours.

“Our customers want to feel taken care of, but they don’t need to be bothered with constant updates,” Dippert explains. “Zendesk allows us to customize our notifications to include only the most important milestones for each ticket.”

Stradecis uses Zendesk to label incoming tickets by priority. Agents appreciate the ease with which they can create, manage, and update tickets in Zendesk.

At each of Stradecis’ client companies, at least one employee typically has access to all IT tickets from within the organization. This employee can log onto Zendesk anytime to check statuses and spot trends.

“We only give a 30-minute orientation to our client contacts,” Dippert says. “That’s more than enough time for them to learn all the basics in Zendesk, so they can stay on top of their own support issues.”

As Stradecis continues to implement new features of Zendesk, Dippert looks forward to taking advantage of Zendesk’s easy integration with Basecamp, Android, Google Analytics, and other technologies. Right now, Dippert is pleased to have found a single solution that supports multiple clients.

“Most support solutions are designed to help one company support its clients,” says Dippert. “We’re amazed that we’ve been able to implement Zendesk once, and then roll it out as a helpdesk for 10 clients. Zendesk is truly our ‘solution behind the curtain.’”

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