Support Billing with FreshBooks

FreshBooks Zendesk customer support

There’s nothing like capping off good work with an incorrect invoice — no client likes getting a $4,000 bill for a $500 issue. Accurate and efficient billing is essential to any professional or organization who provides time and material-based services. The good news is that it’s easy to get this part right.

We’re pleased to announce the FreshBooks Widget, which allows you to easily report time on FreshBooks projects from within Zendesk. FreshBooks provides the fastest way to track time and invoice clients and has helped more than 800,000 users since 2004. Now you can do incident-based billing without leaving Zendesk during your daily work.

The widget can be configured in just a few minutes as described in our support forums.

If you are not already using FreshBooks, use the coupon code “zendesk” to save $20 on a new subscription. You can also read more about the integration on FreshBooks’ blog.

Zendeks Widget for FreshBooks