Conduct an honesty audit: Learn from customer feedback

January 19, 2017

Customer feedback is important, but what you do with that feedback is even more important. Here’s a look at how the customer service team at Zendesk took a couple of bad situations and turned them around

An unlikely advocate for Advocacy

January 17, 2017

Meet Guillaume Deleeuw, Team Lead for Tier 2 Technical Support at Zendesk. Here he shares his approach for encouraging creativity and professional growth within a highly technical team

Why the pipeline isn’t running dry anytime soon for Pipedrive

January 12, 2017

Pipedrive uses the Zendesk Support, Help Center, Talk, and Chat products—and nearly every feature within Zendesk Support. “Zendesk fulfills all our needs,” Kõiva said, “and there’s no other software out there that is able to do that

Adopting new technologies benefits customer service

January 5, 2017

As the need for customer service professionals to provide excellent customer experience expands, retailers must empower them with new tools and technologies

How to make the most out of live chat

January 4, 2017

Most customers prefer chat to email—why wait for a response via email when a question can be answered within minutes on live chat? As more and more customers expect support via live chat, it’s important for businesses to not only juggle live chats, but exceed chat expectations, whether it be via web or mobile

The cost of disjointed data on the customer experience

December 29, 2016

To compete in today’s marketplace, retailers need to make customer data available to their agents in an easy, consumable way so they can serve their customers better than the competition

Sh*t support agents say

December 21, 2016

Everyone wants good customer support, but if you’re a support agent, listening to people’s problems 40 hours a week can get repetitive quickly. Giving meaningful responses and solutions? That’s a whole other story

Shopify: We stopped dating when we found Zendesk

December 16, 2016

Shopify’s Director of Technical Support, Chris Wilson, tells Shopify’s Zendesk story in his own words

Driessen HRM brings everyone into the customer experience with Zendesk and Office 365 Groups

December 15, 2016

We sat down with Patrick Adriaansen, Managing Director of the BPO unit at Driessen HRM, and asked him how his company uses Zendesk Support and groups in Outlook

Beyond customer satisfaction: measuring customer happiness

December 8, 2016

There ways companies choose to measure their people and customers is changing to a more relationship-based approach

The short path from Swedish lawn bowling to advocacy training & development

December 1, 2016

Some of us aren’t so great about answering when opportunity knocks. Not the case with Justin Helley. He manages the Advocacy Training & Development team

Measuring success in a customer experience world

November 30, 2016

Any retailer knows today’s consumers expect the best, and they won’t stay loyal for long if they don’t get it. Influenced by social trends and empowered by technology, customers want every retailer

How Harry’s uses Zendesk and MaestroQA to deliver effortless customer experiences

November 29, 2016

Harry’s brings the same focus on quality to their customer service as they do to their razors

How Zendesk measures the customer experience

November 22, 2016

Delivering on the customer experience is more than measuring customer satisfaction

5 behaviors every leader should adopt to create better customer experiences

November 11, 2016

Good leadership paired with good company culture leads to happy employees

Fend off “digital disrupters” with customer empathy

November 9, 2016

A little bit of empathy can go a long way, especially in CRM processes. In fact, an August 2016 report published by Gartner indicates that, “Through 2020, businesses that deploy CRM technology in such a way that it reflects

Taylor Stitch finds the perfect fit with a multichannel support solution from Zendesk

November 3, 2016

In February 2015, Taylor Stitch moved to Zendesk and now uses the Zendesk family of products—Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat, and Zendesk Talk—for seamless support

How businesses can improve the customer experience with machine learning

October 19, 2016

Every interaction offers a business the chance to leave a customer feeling good, helping to build a relationship for the longer term. Yet some customer interactions have a mercurial quality and end up in a different place than they began

Why new college grads should try a customer support career

October 18, 2016

Customer support agents gain a wide range of skills that can lead to big opportunities

Who you gonna call? Your dedicated Advocacy Relationship Manager

October 13, 2016

Meet Mark, an advocacy relationship manager for Zendesk based in Manila. We talked to Mark to learn more about his path into advocacy relationship management and on providing one-to-one support

From the experts of Zen U: Optimize your views

October 6, 2016

We’re here to help you understand Zendesk better. With Zen U, you can participate in an interactive curriculum and learn from experts like Austin Hinz, one of our Zen U trainers. This November, we’re taking Zen U on the road

eToro’s human approach to social trading includes personal, localized support

October 5, 2016

eToro’s mission is to revolutionize the way people access the financial markets and make their trading experience more social, simple, enjoyable and transparent. To make copy trading even easier

Managing customer satisfaction surveys and ratings

September 27, 2016

Today, as part of our Zendesk on Zendesk discussion series, I’ll shed some light into how we navigate the intricate workings of the CSAT survey and ratings, including a newer Zendesk feature that lets you drill into the reasons

Building your Zendesk workflow brick-by-brick

September 22, 2016

Building your Zendesk is a lot like building with LEGOs. Each component of Zendesk is made to work in harmony with the others so that you can create the strongest spaceship—or ticketing system—you can imagine. In today’s Fine Tuning discussion, I’ll walk through some key features, or building blocks