How Fruit Got On The Loom

March 4, 2011

They say Corporate America has no sense of humor. Are “they” right? Find out by following Write The Company—a consumer humor blog consisting of crazy consumer affairs and customer service letters about everyday products, services and brands … and what the companies behind them had to say about it.   Every Thursday, Zengage brings you […]

Best Airlines for Stranded Passengers

February 28, 2011

When passengers learn that their return flight has been canceled and their plane won’’t be leaving the airport after all, it’’s a little like being diagnosed with a “terminal” condition. Stage 1: Denial. You can’t believe this is happening. Then anger: telling the gate attendant in no uncertain terms that you have to fly out this […]

WeightWatchers Eases Customers Into New Points Plan

December 30, 2010

WeightWatchers members are an obsessive bunch. This Zengage writer (and on-again, off-again WeightWatcher) once heard a woman at a meeting ask the WeightWatchers leader how many Points are in a Communion Host. The woman (who was completely serious) wanted to make sure she counted the Host at Sunday Mass so she wouldn’t go over her […]

Your Call Is Being Recorded to Ensure Quality Customer Service

December 14, 2010

“Your call may be recorded to ensure quality customer service.” Pretty much every call to a customer service help desk starts with this greeting—so commonplace these days that it nearly fades into the dial tone. But is your call in fact being recorded, and is that really ensuring quality customer service? According to call center […]

Would You Pay for Good Customer Service?

November 5, 2010

Ok, let’s just go there. There are lots of different ways to think about customer service, but at the end of the day, we all know what people really and truly care about: getting the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. So, what if customers had the option to pay cold hard cash […]

Do People Really Need People? The Humans vs. Self-Service Kiosks

September 30, 2010

There’s a funny little dual occurrence that I’ve been witnessing lately. Just the other day I was at the airport, waiting to check-in on a flight. There were half a dozen or so people waiting to use the online check-in kiosks and almost none waiting at the counter with a real person on it. The […]

Good Old Games’ Bizarre PR Stunt Pisses Off Customers

September 24, 2010

In the current economic climate, total brand collapse has become a fact of our existence–the last year alone saw the collapse of brands like indie culture mag Paste and beloved design mag Domino, while the mega-green Elephant Pharmacy closed all of its stores in 2009. This list could go on and on. For repeat customers who enjoy the […]

Three Models for Customer Engagement

May 18, 2010

Love your help desk. That’s been the Zendesk tagline since day one. Phrased by my co-founder Alexander, it really nails what Zendesk is all about: After so many years of bad customer support experiences, we wanted to give the world an opportunity to get great service experiences. From the receiving side, from the providing side, […]