5 tips for training call center agents

March 14, 2017

Did you know that agent demeanor is even more important to consumers than fast resolution or shorter hold times? Here are a few tips to help your agents help your customers over the phone

The short path from Swedish lawn bowling to advocacy training & development

December 1, 2016

Some of us aren’t so great about answering when opportunity knocks. Not the case with Justin Helley. He manages the Advocacy Training & Development team

5 qualities of the perfect customer service employee

September 9, 2016

Perfection doesn’t exist—but some people just happen to possess the characteristics that make them more suited for the role of customer support agent, while others don’t. So what is it that makes these “perfect” individuals different? What are the traits that make them the ideal candidates

Shadowing: A day in the life of a Tier 1 advocate

February 4, 2016

Meet Rodney, our Tier 1 team lead at Zendesk’s headquarters in San Francisco. After earning his degree in Resort & Hotel Management in college, Rodney planned on a career in business and hotel management. Instead, he

Phone support 101: 5 training tips for new agents

October 7, 2014

Answering support calls for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Agents never know what a customer will say, and each call is different. That’s why the best way

Lonely islands aren’’t fun: don’’t leave your virtual team stranded

April 1, 2014

Virtual teams benefit from a strong support network. Unfortunately, strong support networks don’t just happen