Highlighting your customer service capabilities

March 15, 2017

Companies must bring their “A game” to improve their customer service capabilities, or risk losing out to competitors who do it better

Boosting call center customer satisfaction

March 7, 2017

If your primary goal is to improve call center customer satisfaction, it’s not enough to just provide a phone number to call

Are your customer experience initiatives working?

February 6, 2017

As the customer service playing field has changed, so have the criteria for measuring success. Enter Forrester’s customer service assessment tool: a detailed framework for understanding how your organization’s efforts stack up against more than one hundred and fifty customer service experience best practices

Agile customer service drives revenue

January 10, 2017

Offering customers access to top-notch customer service teams is a box smart companies need to check, no matter their size. The advent of new customer service tools makes an even stronger case for best in class customer service: Agile customer service can do more than save your company money—it can drive revenue

Why everyone loves live chat

April 9, 2015

When compared to channels like email and phone, live chat boasts the highest customer satisfaction rates (73%). It’s not just consumers who are enamored with chat. Businesses are

IT service success starts here

July 25, 2013

Great IT service delivery enables your organization to grow and innovate, while managing the costs and risks involved. Whether you’re looking for general best practices