The more the merrier: Add teams to Zendesk Support

April 14, 2017

Your customer service team answers many of the day-to-day questions that arise (and they’re great at it), but expertise from other departments is sometimes required

HR Tech week recap: Why we need to shift the HR mindset

October 11, 2016

The focus at HR Technology’s annual conference and expo, held last week in Chicago, focused on human-centered design, a framework that solves problems by involving the human perspective. HR Tech is the world’s largest

Retailers, make 2016 the year of better customer relationships

February 10, 2016

71% of customers say their typical response to a bad experience is to stop doing business with the company altogether. Read this infographic to learn the three things businesses can do to improve customer experiences

When it comes to online shopping, convenience drives conversion [infographic]

June 8, 2015

Did you know that 66% of customers will spend more with a company that they believe provides excellent service? Welcome to the age of the customer, where businesses fly or fail based on the customer service they provide

There’s a chat for that [infographic]

November 13, 2014

Live chat is becoming increasingly important and profitable as a customer engagement platform. In fact, many customers report that having a live person answer their questions while

Bridging the omnichannel customer service gap [infographic]

November 26, 2013

As the holiday shopping season approaches, here’s some advice for retailers: mind the gap. A recent survey reveals there’s quite a big one between consumer expectations

Why retailers are buzzing about “omnichannel”

June 20, 2013

Shoppers today have a lot of choices: there are more ways than ever to find and explore products. The reality is that a lot of us use a mix of online and offline

The good, the bad, and the ugly: the impact of customer service

April 16, 2013

Our latest infographic highlights the findings of a recent report on customer lifetime value, finally getting to the good, the bad, and the ugly truths of how consumers—and their future spending—are influenced

On Squeaky Wheels

January 29, 2013

Here’s something to consider: squeaky wheel customers – the ones making themselves standout with frequent calls, emails, and requests for status updates – are usually considered a nuisance, but could in fact become a strong advocate

Infographic: giving back

November 29, 2012

Whether it’s donating funds to causes such as economic development or education, promoting a socially conscious workplace, or supporting the local community, people want the companies that they do business with to give back in one form or another

Loyalty rewards

October 11, 2012

Loyalty rewards has something of a double meaning. Most people think of it as a marketing tool that encourages people to become repeat customers

What do customers hate most about bad customer service

April 18, 2012

When customers have a bad customer service experience, they don’t just get mad, most of the time they try to get even. A recent survey by ClickFox took a close look at what the repercussions are of a bad customer service experience. While 52 percent of disgruntled customers spout off to family and friends, an […]

Infographic: Your Customers Want Support Via Smartphone

March 21, 2012

As smartphones become as essential to our pockets and purses as wallets and drivers licenses, customers are expecting these handy devices to do do their banking, purchase last-minute birthday gifts, book reservations, and above all, take care of customer service needs. Customers these days don’t like to stop for even a few minutes. Companies need […]

Drop those Twilight books and pick up Zendesk for Kindle Fire

March 8, 2012

Amazon’’s Kindle Fire is taking the tablet world by storm, going from zero to 14% market share in just three short months after its release. At just $200, there’’s no sign of it slowing down. For agents looking to take Zendesk on the go with their books and Internet surfing, our recently updated Zendesk for […]

The Music We Hold To

February 2, 2012

Whether its a long-forgotten Christopher Cross melody, a sweet smooth jazz sax solo, or a rollicking version of Beethoven’s 5th, there’s something about customer support hold music that stays with us long after we’ve hung up the phone. And in some instances, that means literally having Peter Cetera and Amy Grant’s “The Next Time I […]

Infographic: The High Expectations on Online Retailers to Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

December 8, 2011

Tis the season for jam-packed malls, aggressive shoppers, and Black Friday stampedes. Shopping in brack-and-mortar stores is a cut-throat game these days. It’s no wonder more consumers are turning to online retailers as a way to beat the holiday rush and peruse a wonderland of possible gifts in the safe confines of their homes or […]

Infographic: Fun Facts About San Francisco’s Tenderloin District

October 18, 2011

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve settled into our new (and dare we say fabulous space) here in the city’s Tenderloin district. Located at the corner of 6th and Market streets, we’re really in the heart of it all; adjacent to the Donut World, diagonal from Show Dogs, across from the Crazy Horse […]

Infographic: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em, Call Centers Are Here to Stay

September 12, 2011

No one relishes the thought of having to phone up a support agent to have their issue resolved. The long hold times, the endless maze of menu options, and the dread of getting transferred to a dizzying stream of agents and having to retell your story every single time. Ugh. But guess what? Companies don’t […]

Customer experience is more important than advertising (Infographic)

July 5, 2011

It’s never been more important to invest in customer service and the customer experience.

Infographic: Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Are the Future

May 24, 2011

Your laptop isn’t irrelevant yet, but it might be soon. Sales of web-enabled smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have surpassed web-enabled laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers. By 2016, the number of mobile apps downloads are estimated to reach 44 billion and the worldwide online app market is expected to grow from approximately $6.8 billion in 2010 […]

Infographic: Grade Your Customer Support With This Report Card

May 9, 2011

In this bold new era of online support, companies have had to get much more proactive about customer support. It’s why we launched our Customer Satisfaction Ratings feature which enables companies to collect feedback from their customers, analyze that feedback, and fix any issues immediately. In some cases, we hope it can help companies revamp […]

The history of customer support

April 21, 2011

There was a time when customer support meant you told a shop owner your issue with what they sold you, and they either decided the problem was theirs to fix or your own damn fault. But then the telephone was invented and everything changed. Call centers emerged, phone trees were born, and suddenly there was […]

Infographic: Inside the Mind of a Customer Support Agent

April 14, 2011

Before the award nominations start rolling in for best infographic ever, we need to give credit where credit is due. So a big shout out to the folks at Get Satisfaction, who, after publishing their take on what goes on inside the mind of a community manager, inspired us to steal the idea create a […]

Infographic: A Closer Look at Those 10,000 Customers

April 6, 2011

Remember when we told you how we reached the awesome milestone of 10,000 customers? It was awesome, wasn’t it? Opportunities for Chris Farley references aside, we thought you’d appreciate a detailed look at our customer base; one that shows where our customers are located and what industries they span. Embed this infographic: Image originally posted […]