Why firsthand product experience is the best teacher

May 11, 2017

Meet Peachy Garcia, who currently holds the record for most chats served here at Zendesk. As a senior customer advocate supporting the Zendesk Chat product, Peachy is well-suited to teach us a thing or two about

Advocate Spotlight on Tier 3: Bringing a hive mentality to work

April 12, 2017

Each month we shine a spotlight on a member of Zendesk’s Global Advocacy team to learn from our advocates’ on-the-job expertise. This time around, we wanted to illuminate our entire Tier 3 team, as they truly stand as one

Supporting customers while supporting the community

February 28, 2017

Meet DeShawn, a senior Tier 1 advocate, who shares why making time to volunteer in the community helps him do a better job at work

An unlikely advocate for Advocacy

January 17, 2017

Meet Guillaume Deleeuw, Team Lead for Tier 2 Technical Support at Zendesk. Here he shares his approach for encouraging creativity and professional growth within a highly technical team

Tips for practicing customer empathy

June 23, 2016

Meet Aurash, Support Operations Manager on the Zendesk Global Customer Advocacy team. Though his current role is not customer-facing, Aurash is known among his peers for exhibiting great amounts of customer empathy

How to “Bee Better”, one pair of socks at a time

May 17, 2016

Great products are often born to fill a need in the market, but the Bombas story is different. The company’s founders, David Heath and Andy Goldberg, didn’t start a sock company because they had engineered

How Medidata pivoted to support people over products

May 5, 2016

Before a new life-saving drug can be released, the pharma companies, researchers, universities, and charitable foundations behind a new treatment must run clinical trials to test the effects. These trials are costly, labor

Cheers to a job well done: Why peer recognition matters

May 4, 2016

Meet Ramona—or Rami, as she’s more frequently known. Born in Germany, and raised in Galicia, Spain, Rami is truly a citizen of the world. For the past eight years she’s lived and worked in

Why every support team needs a data analyst

March 21, 2016

Meet Sarah, Senior Data Analyst on Zendesk’s Global Customer Advocacy team, who shares how she made the move from advocate to analyst and clues us into the types of support stories data can help tell

Shadowing: A day in the life of a Tier 1 advocate

February 4, 2016

Meet Rodney, our Tier 1 team lead at Zendesk’s headquarters in San Francisco. After earning his degree in Resort & Hotel Management in college, Rodney planned on a career in business and hotel management. Instead, he

How Le Tote Makes Customer Service Personal

June 15, 2015

You’ve heard of the sharing economy? How about the subscription economy? Actually, it’s not all that new. In fact, businesses have been doing it for years. Magazine companies and newspapers were some of the first businesses to use the subscription model. And, let’s not forget where Netflix started: Checking your mailbox for your next three […]

Modern luxury: Q&A with AllSaints

June 4, 2015

Sarah-Jayne Grabiec, Global Customer Experience Manager at AllSaints, has been with the brand nearly four years. Sarah’s journey with the brand began as general manager of

Life in the Live Help lane

May 7, 2015

Are you a car buff? If not, you probably only pay attention to the automotive industry when you need to buy a new car. Suddenly, you need to know what’s out there, what’s in your price range, and how

Talking social support: Q&A with Sprout Social

March 26, 2015

Deciding whether to offer customer service on social media, and how best to go about it, is not a discussion limited to support organizations. Great social care is the product of

Q&A with Mike Cartwright of Expedia Affiliate Network

February 19, 2015

Meet Mike Cartwright, Chief of Partner Solutions at Expedia Affiliate Network, at Expedia. He joined Expedia just over two years ago at a time when the company was aggressively growing. In fact

Stop emailing about email: It’s time to bring order to your team inbox

September 30, 2014

Email aliases make it easy to manage inquiries from outside the organization or other departments. But today’s email apps don’t make it easy for teams to collaborate behind-the-scenes before responding

Happy Employees Means Happy Customers: Q&A with Dave Murray

August 12, 2014

Dave Murray will be joining Zendesk for a live webinar on August 19th. To prepare for the event, we talked with him about how employee happiness translates to customer happiness

Explaining the Complicated So Anyone Can Understand: Q&A with Frank Pietrucha

July 15, 2014

Frank Pietrucha will be joining Zendesk for a live webinar on July 22nd. To prepare for the event, we talked with Frank about how to explain complicated concepts

Zen Master Webinar Series: Q&A with Author Carmine Gallo

June 19, 2012

In the next addition of our series of Zen Master webinars, we’ll hear from author and communication skills coach Carmine Gallo about how Apple became the most profitable retailer on the planet

Zen Masters Webinar Series: Q&A with Author Joseph Michelli

February 8, 2012

Have you ever heard about Zappos’’ amazing customer service and wondered just how they’’re able to do it? Author, speaker and consultant Joseph Michelli went inside Zappos to harvest their know-how into juicy tidbits for his latest book, The Zappos Experience. He gave away some of Zappos’’ secrets in our latest Zen Masters of Customer […]

10 Questions for HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan

October 19, 2010

Brian Halligan is the CEO and founder of HubSpot.com, a company that helps other companies develop its inbound-marketing, which, essentially, means having clients find you, rather than the traditional, opposite route. By its very nature, HubSpot has to stay ahead of the curve. We spoke with Halligan regarding building customer relations and loyalty in today’s […]

Saying Customer Engagement in Spanish

June 22, 2010

In a recent Zendesk Tip of the Week, we talked about the importance of speaking your customers’ language and how to implement multiple languages on your Zendesk. Zendesk itself is based in the U.S. and while most of our customers speak English, we do have a significant and growing population of non-English-speaking customers. Some of […]

What does friendly customer service mean? A conversation with Zappos

May 18, 2010

Recently over at AmazingServiceGuy, Kristina Evey wrote a post about the friendliness factor and how it relates to customer satisfaction. In her post, Kristina wrote that: “Customers make their purchasing decisions based on how they feel. When they are developing relationships with their service and product supplies, a person who smiles, is inviting, and is […]