How BetterCloud organizes IT support

February 7, 2017

At BetterCloud, we’ve developed some creative strategies to leverage Zendesk automations (and other features) so our IT team provide excellent internal support

Digital disruptions to the workplace—what every CIO should be thinking about

October 28, 2016

As part of the annual event a few weeks ago, I joined a panel discussion on how CIOs and senior IT leaders can drive positive disruption, instead of only reacting to disruption from outside influences. We covered a lot of ground, but one thing was evident: the future looks a lot different

5 customer engagement technologies for IT leaders to consider through 2020

July 11, 2016

For IT leaders, there’s opportunity to play an exciting and large role in helping move company-wide customer service initiatives forward, and to help elevate customer service from

How USC Annenberg’s Technical Services and Operations team makes the grade

June 2, 2016

Universities constantly cycle through new ideas and student bodies, but often traverse well-worn paths when it comes to internal processes. Continuing growth led the TechOps team at USC Annenberg to realize, however, that their system of manually tracking tickets wasn’t scaling

Taking cloud portfolio management to the stratosphere

December 3, 2015

You don’t need a CIO to tell you how many cloud-based applications modern companies now rely on. From functions like file-sharing to security to customer relationship management, the sheer number

Why proactive support should be the new standard of IT support

November 2, 2015

Today, customers don’t expect proactive support, but they should. The world around support has changed, technology has advanced, but support has remained stagnant for too long. It’s time support evolved

Zendesk on Zendesk: Maintaining an internal IT Zendesk to provide company-wide support

October 30, 2015

Join us in the Zendesk forums today for the next installment of our Zendesk on Zendesk series. We’re hosting a day-long discussion focused on how our IT department provides company-wide support with

4 ways IDaaS software removes friction from customer service

July 1, 2015

Cloud services typically minimize friction and risk for businesses of every size, and at every stage of growth. They’re just more adaptable and scale more easily than existing on-premises solutions that tend to be

4 questions to ask when choosing a help desk

April 29, 2015

Choosing the best software to serve your customers can be tricky. Software Advice recently surveyed IT professionals to learn more about what is valued in help or service desk software. Their full report didn’t include breakdown of preference by vendor, but we were thrilled to hear that so many IT professionals are currently using Zendesk

How to build a winning IT strategy

July 8, 2014

Focus not only on numbers and ROI and costs, but on a user-centric approach

CSM Spotlight: how Zendesk uses Zendesk for support, part 2

June 26, 2014

Ever wonder how Zendesk uses Zendesk internally?

IT reimagined: Put users first

June 6, 2014

People today expect more agility and mobility in applications. Not just in their personal lives, but also at work. Yet corporate IT projects have rarely been designed with the user’s needs in mind

Helping IT make connections

May 21, 2014

We all have customers, and we’re all customers

Tip of the week: streamline your IT processes with ticket forms

August 5, 2013

Many of the IT management best practices are firmly rooted in common sense. However, all those processes—like problem management, change management, and request fulfillment—can be challenging

IT service success starts here

July 25, 2013

Great IT service delivery enables your organization to grow and innovate, while managing the costs and risks involved. Whether you’re looking for general best practices

7 signs you need expert implementation help

May 30, 2013

Many growing companies get to a point where they realise they need a better help desk solution, but their current solution architecture is so complex and bound together with duct tape, that they’re not sure where to begin

Simplified IT service management, part 4

March 5, 2013

I went through my years in IT support never knowing the difference between incidents and problems. My colleagues and I would use them interchangeably when it came to logging faults and I’d say many support analysts are the same

Simplified IT service management, part 3

February 4, 2013

There’s nothing more customer-centric than actually asking your internal customers how happy they are with your service. Our own Zendesk Benchmarking shows a great customer satisfaction figure of 95% for IT Services

Simplified IT service management, part 2

January 22, 2013

Every IT department has to make changes at some point that are going to impact internal customers and other areas of the business. There’s a good way to do it and a bad way to do it

Simplified IT service management part 1

January 8, 2013

An internal IT department is an interesting place to work. You feel buffered from the front-lines of “real” customer support, yet the systems you monitor and maintain often directly affect the experience of those external paying customers

Startup Makes Customer Service Look Easy

January 13, 2011

“Zendesk has been a very easy and natural tool for my technicians to learn. It provides all the functionality I was looking for, but without overkill.” –Jonathan Dippert, Director, Stradecis Stradecis provides IT services, IT coaching, and becomes the virtual CIO to smaller organizations. The company helps clients become more efficient by optimizing their use […]

The help desk, ITIL, and getting things done

January 11, 2010

A help desk is only as good as the processes you define for it. When setting up your help desk, it’s important to ask: what are the steps you need to take in order to best serve your customer support requests? And what are your ultimate goals

GoToAssist Integration Simplifies IT Service Management

November 9, 2009

Zendesk is used by our many customers in many different environments. We have customers using Zendesk for large-scale consumer support operations (e.g., Twitter), customers using Zendesk to support business customers or partners, and we have a bunch of customers using Zendesk for internal or external IT help desks. For the latter group in particular, we […]

So, You’ve Implemented ITIL? (Pants on Fire)

September 30, 2007

When we first designed Zendesk, we had ITIL compliance as a bullet point. We’re children of the ITIL era and speak ITIL natively. But when explaining the ITIL complex to IT people outside of the IT management world, we quickly realized that we weren’t aiming for ITIL compliance but rather ITIL inherent. In the current […]