Sh*t support agents say

December 21, 2016

Everyone wants good customer support, but if you’re a support agent, listening to people’s problems 40 hours a week can get repetitive quickly. Giving meaningful responses and solutions? That’s a whole other story

Caught on video: The Zendesk rebrand

October 27, 2016

The new version of Zendesk has more colors, individual product identities, and a super sweet logomark. We’ve also expanded the conversations we have to focus more on human relationships, not just software. Go behind the scenes to see how it all happened

Meet the star of Zendesk’s new video

October 17, 2014

If you’ve seen the videos from our newest campaign, you’ve probably noticed the recurring appearance of a strange yet somewhat endearing character. CommunicaTRON (C-TRON for short) is the latest addition to our

7 effective keys to transforming the customer experience

March 6, 2013

Creating a great customer experience can seem like a daunting task. Everyone wants to do it, but where to start? What are some of the effective strategies companies have implemented to become more customer-centric?