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How to Defuse Even the Worst Customer Situations

The most difficult customer service situations demand more of customer service agents than just good intentions…


3 Keys to Building a Kindness Revolution

There’s no question that a great customer service experience is key to keeping customers, and keeping…


Going Beyond Support with Customer Engagement

As your customer base grows, there comes a time when you need to engage your customers…


Empowering Your Customers with Self-Service

As your customer base and your business grow, you’ll be faced with the challenge of scaling…

Using Zendesk to Communicate Effectively with Your Customers Article

Using Zendesk to Communicate Effectively with Your Customers

A customer service journey starts with customer support, resolving your customers’ issues and answering their questions.…


Creating a great customer experience in any language

Providing a localized product is just one part of serving your customers in their preferred languageā€”to…


7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Many people ask, ‘Why is customer service so predictably poor’? as though it’s a rhetorical question…


How Zendesk Does Customer Service


Zendesk masters of customer service webinars

7 Strategies for Turning Angry Customers into Loyal Fans Learn creative problem solving and down-to-earth emotion…


United Kingdom omnichannel survey

Omnichannel customer service report Article

Omnichannel customer service report

Consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with companies across a growing number of channels, and as…

Omnichannel survey infographic Infographic

Omnichannel survey infographic


United States Omnichannel Survey


Australia Omnichannel Survey

7 strategies for turning angry customers into loyal fans Article

7 strategies for turning angry customers into loyal fans

With Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest Here she comes! Maybe her name is Gladys, maybe…


Customer Service Advice – 16 Lessons Learned

We asked 16 customer service professionals what advice they would give to someone just starting out…


Leading the Starbucks Way: 5 Principles for Connecting with Your Customers

With Joseph Michelli The international success of Starbucks begins with a promise: To inspire and nurture…


7 tools for amazing every customer every time

With Shep Hyken Delivering amazing customer service requires everyone in an organization to step up and…


Developer Spotlight: Automating tasks using the Zendesk API

Watch this 30-minute webinar, where Clinton Cory will walk us through some of the ways that…

The Zendesk Customer Service Benchmark Article

The Zendesk Customer Service Benchmark

Q2 2015 In Focus: Customer Satisfaction ABSTRACT In Focus: Customer Satisfaction Across the globe, businesses are…