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Comprehensive tools designed with your customers in mind. Check out the latest and greatest when it comes to sales software, platforms, and processes.

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8 min read

Building a CRM? Read these 5 critical considerations first

A CRM is too essential to your business to risk failure. If you’re on the fence about whether to buy or build a CRM solution, consider these factors first.

9 min read

Must-have CRM dashboard elements for sales teams

The right CRM dashboard is essential in providing a visual overview of sales operations and highlighting if everything is on track or not. Dive into must-have elements for a CRM dashboard.

5 min read

Uncovering the hidden costs of CRMs

The upfront price might look great, but it's worth your time to figure out the true total cost of your CRM.

4 min read

Introducing batch data management: a clear path to high-quality data

Take full control of your sales and customer data.

Make yourself heard

Join the Zendesk Experience Research Panel and help shape the future of our products.

3 min read

New improvements to the Sell App for Zendesk Support

Today we release improvements to our Sell app for Zendesk Support, giving support agents deeper sales context when helping prospects and customers.

1 min read

Introducing Sell for Startups program

Today Sell is joining the Zendesk for Startups program offering qualifying startups two free seats of Zendesk Sell enterprise edition.

1 min read

Introducing Zendesk Sell: 3 things that are changing and 1 thing that never will

Today, we’re excited to relaunch Base as Zendesk Sell, the newest member of the Zendesk product family.

2 min read

Better together: Zendesk welcomes Base

Today we have news: we’re sharing that love with another—related—part of your business: the sales team. Zendesk announced today that we are acquiring Base.

White Paper
1 min read

Why your business needs the Science of Sales

Sales success has traditionally been considered an art, honed by sales veterans over years of deals…

6 min read

The three most common UX mistakes CRMs make (and how to avoid them)

If your CRM is not a value-add to your sales reps, they will not use it. Here’s a look at some of the most common UX mistakes CRM platforms make, and how to correct them.

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