Maximize customer service training

June 19, 2017

Correctly investing in customer service training not only ensures that customers receive the best possible service, but agent turnover is reduced

Mix it up: rotating customer support jobs

June 12, 2017

Mixing up customer support jobs for agents can have a huge impact on individuals' and teams' personal and professional fulfilment

Taking the long view: agent life cycle

May 29, 2017

No matter the type of business, customer service agents are very often the first people customers and prospects speak with

Improve remote support with a follow the sun model

May 4, 2017

The sun never sets for businesses that rely on remote support, and global support, for customer service. The traditional “follow the sun” model is a type of global workflow in which issues can be handled by and passed between offices in different time zones

The best customer service is a group effort

April 23, 2017

Many teams at your company help to support the relationship between your business and your customers. While customer service handles many of the day-to-day questions, other teams like sales and billing jump in when another opportunity develops or when there’s an error with an invoice

What is excellent customer service?

April 14, 2017

There are many metrics that can help a business understand how well it’s doing in providing its customers with great service. These metrics are invaluable for determining a company’s customer service health, but they don’t always provide subjective context for an individual’s thoughts on excellent customer service

Top 3 complaints from customer support agents

April 10, 2017

We all have our fair share of job-related woes. Unfortunately, a recent Gateway Research report found that support agents have their fair share. Here’s how to meet those frustrations head-on

Which comes first, the customer or agent experience?

March 16, 2017

Does a satisfied customer create a satisfied employee? Does a satisfied employee create a satisfied customer? I believe, like all healthy and prosperous relationships, that they are intertwined and

Improved agent experience leads to improved retention and ROI

March 8, 2017

As companies look to compete in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business climate, the pressure on customer service teams is enormous. Customer service best practices today look very different than they did even five years ago. Yet, one truth remains the same: Customer service agents want to help. They care about the customers and want […]

5 behaviors every leader should adopt to create better customer experiences

November 11, 2016

Good leadership paired with good company culture leads to happy employees

5 traits of the perfect customer service employee

September 9, 2016

Perfection doesn’t exist—but some people just happen to possess the characteristics that make them more suited for the role of customer support agent, while others don’t. So what is it that makes these “perfect” individuals different? What are the traits that make them the ideal candidates

Happy agents provide the best customer experiences

September 8, 2016

When a customer reaches out to an agent for support, it’s probably because they were unable to solve the problem on their own. This might sound distressing, and it might well be a sign that your self-service needs some attention. On the other hand, any time that agents interact

Customer service starter pack: five resources for managing a stellar support team

May 31, 2016

Managing a customer service team isn’t easy. Get a head start with these five resources from customer service leaders.

Ask the right questions: conducting a customer service job interview

August 7, 2014

While an interview provides a great opportunity to learn about a customer service job candidate’s skills and abilities, it’s equally, if not more important, to make sure that they are also a good match for your organization

How to build a winning IT strategy

July 8, 2014

Focus not only on numbers and ROI and costs, but on a user-centric approach

Use your phone for more than pictures of lunch: tips for screening job candidates

June 24, 2014

It’s hard to get to know someone in one 15-20 minute phone call. Yet, as the person responsible for hiring new support staff in your organization, this is something you’ll be doing regularly

Taking care of customers by taking care of your team

June 12, 2014

The secret sauce to any great customer service and support organization is the people who work in it.

3 Keys to Building a Kindness Revolution: Q&A with Ed Horrell

April 15, 2014

Ed Horrell will be joining Zendesk for a live webinar on April 22nd. We talked with Ed about what he’s learned about the customer experience from some of the world’s most-loved brands.

How to write a customer service job description

January 29, 2014

Sometimes sitting down to write a job description can feel like a monumental task

Interview prep: 10 questions for hiring great customer support reps

December 17, 2013

Whether you’re interviewing candidates or you’re a customer service job seeker hoping to nail your interview, these questions will get you prepared

Manage your virtual support team like a BOSS

October 15, 2013

You’ve asked the important questions, you’ve reviewed the must-haves, and you’ve assembled your virtual support team of all-stars. Now, how do you manage them?

Don’t be afraid: empower your support team

October 3, 2013

If you manage a support team, you are going to want to empower your employees. That means giving your team free reign to make decisions about how to respond to customers and even make concessions

Organizing support for future success

August 28, 2013

For certain companies, particularly those with large support teams, it makes sense to consider organizing your department into pods

Keeping things fresh with rotating roles, part 2

July 31, 2013

One of the best ways to attract the best talent for the job is to create a working environment that is as interesting and enriching as possible. Previously, we discussed some of the roles you can rotate your support team through to help keep things fresh and interesting. Since customer service isn’t limited to the […]