How Trustpilot uses Zendesk Support to be the most trusted online review community on the market

August 2, 2016

In a recent report, Nucleus Research highlighted Trustpilot’s annual benefit of over $428,000—an ROI of 1272 percent. That’s their investment paid back in a single month. What’s more

Taking the heavy lifting out of moving—and support

July 28, 2016

Living by an ‘innovate or die’ mentality, the founders of Dorm Room Movers adopted Zendesk early in their startup journey and today have built

How Chubbies uses the Zendesk Support and Shopify integration to deliver ‘the perfect weekend’

July 22, 2016

Chubbies wants their customers to have a good time—all the time. So, when they were looking for a Shopify integration, the solution had to deliver good vibes

Why RentMoola moved all support channels under one roof

June 9, 2016

We sat down with Laura Cowin, Manager, Customer Support, and her boss Ari to learn why a modern payment platform also requires modern, flexible, multi-channel support—including the good old fashioned phone

How USC Annenberg’s Technical Services and Operations team makes the grade

June 2, 2016

Universities constantly cycle through new ideas and student bodies, but often traverse well-worn paths when it comes to internal processes. Continuing growth led the TechOps team at USC Annenberg to realize, however, that their system of manually tracking tickets wasn’t scaling

How to “Bee Better”, one pair of socks at a time

May 17, 2016

Great products are often born to fill a need in the market, but the Bombas story is different. The company’s founders, David Heath and Andy Goldberg, didn’t start a sock company because they had engineered

How Medidata pivoted to support people over products

May 5, 2016

Before a new life-saving drug can be released, the pharma companies, researchers, universities, and charitable foundations behind a new treatment must run clinical trials to test the effects. These trials are costly, labor

How retail employee satisfaction affects the bottom line

April 15, 2016

At this year’s National Retail Foundation (NRF), Eric Feinberg of ForeSee presented a session about one trend that’s more likely to become a mainstay: the convergence of customer experience and employee engagement

How Tango benefited from hiring a remote customer service team

April 11, 2016

When Tango, a leading mobile messaging app, experienced a high-growth period, they were adding hundreds of thousands of new customers daily

Retailers connect on all the right channels

March 25, 2016

Innovative brands know that some channels serve customers better than others. These retailers share why multi-channel support means choosing only the best channels for their customers

Finding what matters: How Tile zeroes in on the customer voice

March 3, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if we never left our keys in the back of an Uber or our wallets behind at a restaurant? It can be hard to keep track of the little things in life, even when the little things are indispensable

How Brayola’s customer service team became every girl’s best friend

February 23, 2016

Many items are fun to shop for—wide-brim, floppy hats, lacy skirts, motorcycle jackets, chunky scarves, cowboy boots. The list goes on, virtually to infinity, except for one item

‘Tis the season for warm transfers

December 16, 2015

Much ado is made about Black Friday, but it’s hard to understand what a frenzy it really is until you’re on the customer service end. UK online retailer, which specializes in perfume, cosmetics, skincare and haircare products, typically rakes in

In-context mobile support: A better experience for everyone

December 7, 2015

There’s a popular rant by comedian Louis C.K. about our cultural impatience with slow Internet connections on mobile devices and on WiFi-enabled airplanes. He sounds a bit curmudgeonly, but he’s only trying to say

Taking cloud portfolio management to the stratosphere

December 3, 2015

You don’t need a CIO to tell you how many cloud-based applications modern companies now rely on. From functions like file-sharing to security to customer relationship management, the sheer number

Standing out from the crowd with proactive live chat support

November 12, 2015

Print Syndicate proves that you can be serious without being too serious. Whether you want to make a political statement or tell the world that you’re a foodie, a cat-lover, video game nerd or

Sole Society’s chat team answers your SOS

July 2, 2015

From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, Sole Society makes it easy to look great. The ecommerce site provides high quality shoes and accessories at a reasonable price. Just click on SOS live chat to connect with a knowledgeable service agent.

How Le Tote Makes Customer Service Personal

June 15, 2015

You’ve heard of the sharing economy? How about the subscription economy? Actually, it’s not all that new. In fact, businesses have been doing it for years. Magazine companies and newspapers were some of the first businesses to use the subscription model. And, let’s not forget where Netflix started: Checking your mailbox for your next three […]

2 live chat lessons from Tucows

June 11, 2015

“We organized the company around the call center, not the other way around,” said Ross Rader, vice president of customer experience at Tucows, a global Internet services company headquartered in

Modern luxury: Q&A with AllSaints

June 4, 2015

Sarah-Jayne Grabiec, Global Customer Experience Manager at AllSaints, has been with the brand nearly four years. Sarah’s journey with the brand began as general manager of

Invoice2Go maximizes agent performance with Zopim and Zendesk

May 26, 2015

Invoice2Go, a mobile application designed to help small businesses with invoicing and expense tracking, has been a Zendesk user ever since the inception of their customer service team. They chose Zendesk back in 2011 because it displayed the perfect balance between value and features.

Island adventures in customer service: Q&A with Sure

May 14, 2015

We spoke with Sara Liddle and Avril Trump at Sure, a telco provider to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Sara focuses on the customer experience and journey across Sure, and Avril manages the support team at the company’s contact center. Though Avril doesn’t make much of it, she’s been

Q&A with Maria McCann about the future of retail at Aurora Fashions

March 10, 2015

We recently chatted with Maria McCann, Chief Venturer at JoHo Ventures and responsible for helping Aurora Fashions, the London-based company behind the brands Oasis, Karen Millen, Coast, and Warehouse. McCann has a reputation for

Getaround: Driving toward fast & furious growth

March 5, 2015

Getaround is an on-demand carsharing community, creatively tackling the very real problem of car overpopulation. Since 2010, they’ve launched carsharing in five major U.S. cities, and expansion at this speed has required