Groupon: Defenders of the Customer Experience

January 27, 2011

“Zendesk’’s macros are incredibly easy to use and customize. We know how we’ll they’’re working whenever a customer writes back to us and says, ‘It’’s so nice to deal with a human rather than a robot!’” –Joe Harrow, Director of Customer Service, Groupon Launched in November 2008, Groupon features a daily deal on the best […]

More About Groupon’s Millionth Ticket (and Why It Rocks)

January 22, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the millionth support ticket processed by Groupon’s customer support team. To us, the milestone was so significant, we thought it warranted a flight out to the company’s corporate headquarters in Chicago so we could deliver a giant green cake. When a company can offer that kind of customer support, it […]

Startup Makes Customer Service Look Easy

January 13, 2011

“Zendesk has been a very easy and natural tool for my technicians to learn. It provides all the functionality I was looking for, but without overkill.” –Jonathan Dippert, Director, Stradecis Stradecis provides IT services, IT coaching, and becomes the virtual CIO to smaller organizations. The company helps clients become more efficient by optimizing their use […]

City’s Helpdesk Solution Eliminates IT Bureaucracy

January 7, 2011

“Our main goal was to find a more efficient way to keep our tax application up and running. With Zendesk, we’re providing more customer service for our city’s main source of revenue.” –Leslie Fuentes, Director of IT, City of Hampton, Virginia Hampton is one of seven cities in Virginia’s Hampton Roads metropolitan area – an […]

How Customers Helped ModCloth Grow Into a $16 Million Company

November 29, 2010

Fashion is, by definition, a notoriously fickle business. As Heidi Klum has taught us all: “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” Auf Wiedersehen. So what’s a company to do to keep the fashionistas coming back time and time again? Online fashion hub ModCloth stays hip, happening, and fresh by putting a heck […]

How Effective is the Money-Back Guarantee?

June 15, 2010

We’ve all heard it before: “Try it risk-free — or your money back.” By now, the money-back guarantee has become a staple of the modern consumer relationship. It’s so familiar we often forget it’s there. But one place it’s not usually found is Apple’s App Store. That’s because Apple takes 30% of each sale and […]

Denver Broncos Score With Simplicity

March 8, 2010

IT engineer Gil Bencomo likes to keep complex things simple. So when he became the sixth member of the Denver Broncos nimble IT team in 2009, he pulled out a playbook from his recent past. First order of business: Change the quarterback (that means “help desk” in IT support lingo) to Zendesk. “They’d been using a competitor’s software for […]

Audyssey Cranks Up the Volume on Social Media

March 1, 2010

1) Audiophile |?ôd?-??f?l noun | A hi-fi enthusiast: (see Audyssey). 2) Audyssey |?äd?s? | noun | Leader in creating innovative audio technologies and products that reproduce sound as close as possible to the real thing. Audyssey Laboratories uses Zendesk to power its help desk and also to connect with customers in two-way conversations beyond product […]

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman! SendGrid Cures Email Deliverability Woes

February 25, 2010

On average, 20 percent of all email sent by Web applications either goes missing or ends up in a spam filter — never to be seen by your customers. Bummer, eh? The cure? SendGrid. It’s a cloud-based email service that delivers emails on behalf of companies to increase their email deliverability. SendGrid is a complete end-to-end […]

Rezora Opening Doors For Real Estate Agents

February 18, 2010

Real estate agents are always on the go. That’s why a growing number of them rely on Rezora’s online tools to share information with clients in a way that’s personal, relevant and measurable. Rezora, in turn, relies on Zendesk to make its customer support experience simple and painless. “Real estate agents are busy and not […]

Good Help Desk Karma from StickyStreet

February 24, 2009

Earlier today we received this in our inbox: Hey Zendesk guys! I just wanted to let you know how much we love your service! Because of Zendesk, StickyStreet has been able to provide excellent, timely, and organized customer support, which in turn has given us the ability to grow into a service with a global […]