Is “make customers happy” a real business plan?

January 27, 2015

Sometimes, sticking to a predetermined plan isn’t really possible—and is possibly even dumb. At least that’s the case when the plan we are talking about is a

3 ways to approach your customer service like a startup

December 17, 2014

In a recent talk at Slush 2014 in Helsinki, Zendesk CEO and founder Mikkel Svane hit the stage to discuss: his new book Startupland, three tips for

Customer service in a startup: how to get it right from the very beginning

December 11, 2014

Because Zendesk is in the customer service software business, it’s no surprise that people often ask us for tips on providing great customer support—and how we do customer service ourselves. As you might expect

It’s the little things—how a small business can offer big support

August 27, 2014

Small businesses are all about performing with grace under pressure. There’s a lot of pressure—having to attract new customers, scale with growth, tackle operational and

5 Tips for Startups to Get Their Customer Support Strategy Up and Running From Day 1

June 28, 2011

Today, Zendesk is teaming up with startup accelerator MassChallenge to help early-stage entrepreneurs grow and succeed. MassChallenge runs an annual global startup competition, in which young companies compete for $1 million in cash prizes. This year, 125 finalists were chosen from nearly 700 applicants. The finalists come from all over the world; and between June […]