Localize your Zendesk Support with help from Cloudwords and myGengo

March 1, 2012

At Zendesk, we have a growing base of international clients who support users in multiple countries and languages. Many of our customers already translate their forum and FAQ content into multiple languages for certain countries. A few months ago, we launched dynamic content to help these businesses automatically serve certain content in users’ preferred language […]

Customer Hacks: Siri and OS X Support Bar

December 21, 2011

Our customers are continually doing cool stuff with our product that enhances their lives and that of their customers. Our whole goal is to make peoples’ lives easier, from the agent to the end user, so we really geek out when we see this kind of stuff. Here are two recent examples we’re excited about: […]

Tip of the Week: Tracking Requester Language by Email

December 15, 2011

Now that Zendesk has rolled out our new language capabilities with our Dynamic Content feature, it’s much easier to identify your customers’ languages and provide support in their preferred language. For the time being, we’re able to detect browser settings, but automatic language detection in email is still in beta. (To participate, fill out this […]

Tip Of The Week: Understanding Trigger Conditions

November 18, 2011

There are two types of conditions available in Zendesk – all conditions and any conditions – and defining these conditions can be a lot like ordering a pizza for you and a few friends, in the way that you need to decide which conditions will get you the result(s) that you want. For example, you […]

Six Criteria for Selecting Help Desk Software

November 14, 2011

As software increasingly moves from resource-heavy on-premise solutions to the cost-savings and flexibility of the cloud, it can be difficult to evaluate real solutions from pretenders. Finding a platform that’s reliable and addresses your needs is vital. Our guide, Saas Help Desk Software: Your 6 Requirements, identifies six key criteria to consider when evaluating potential […]

Tip of the Week: Saving Time with Mail API Commands

November 11, 2011

My, how times have changed! We’ve updated our Mail API a lot since this was posted. Here’s a link to the updated documentation. The mail API commands within Zendesk allow you, as an agent, to update a ticket in a number of ways directly from your email inbox. They’re fun, handy and, best of all, […]

Tip of the week: Showing who’ has been cc’’d in email notifications

November 4, 2011

Have you ever wished that you could allow end-users to see who’s been CC’d on a ticket? This tip shows you how. Using a very simple chunk of Liquid markup, you can include this information in email notifications. All you have to do is add it to your notification triggers. As an example, let’s modify […]

Tip of the Week – Manage Multiple Feedback Tabs on Multiple Websites

October 31, 2011

This tip is a little dated. Read this article for more up-to-date information about managing multiple feedback tabs. You probably already know about our feedback tab. It’s one of the simplest ways to allow your customers to create tickets, search forums and start chatting with your agents without having to leave your site, saving time […]

How 123 EDI Dropped Resolution Times and Bolstered Self-Service Support With Zendesk

July 14, 2011

123 EDI is a leading provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which is based on global standards and used by all sorts of companies to exchange routine business documents in electronic format. EDI removes the need for human intervention and rekeying data, and replaces paper documents in today’s business model. With EDI, businesses can operate […]

Know Your Customers Even Better With User Tagging

June 21, 2011

You asked for it, and we listened! We are very excited to announce that as of today, you can easily categorize and identify your customers with our new User Tagging feature. Agents or admins can now assign attributes, such as customer category, support agreement level, or customer life cycle stage, to people, or the organizations […]

Share Support Tickets Across Multiple Zendesk Accounts With Our Ticket Sharing Feature

June 6, 2011

Companies don’’t work in a vacuum. They rely on partnerships, vendors, suppliers – a whole network of other companies – in order to get their work done and stay competitive and successful. This interconnection often affects a company’’s customer support issues as well. A customer asks a question of one business, but the answer could […]

How FanMail Marketing Got Its Users to Embrace Zendesk

April 28, 2011

FanMail Marketing is a full-service digital and print marketing consultancy that specializes in music, sports, and entertainment. We have a long client roster and a provide support for 100+ clients. We are also proud partners and resellers of the ExactTaget Platform, which allows users to create, build, track and send emails, landing pages, mobile, and […]

Meet Getaroom.com, Our 10,000th Customer

April 27, 2011

Getaroom.com offers special deals on hotels and other types of lodging, in major cities in the US and abroad, in all categories from one to five stars. The company also offers a unique Unpublished Rate program that offers rates typically 10 to 20 percent less than other websites and is only available via its call […]

How the iPad Support App Has Transformed Griffin Technology’s Help Desk

March 29, 2011

Founded in 1992, Griffin Technology is one of the world’s foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile, and personal technology. Unique products such as iTrip®, PowerMate®, iFM®, iMic®, and Evolve® Wireless Speaker System have broken new ground in consumer electronics and created loyal fans throughout the world. Griffin products are conceived, designed, and developed in-house and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create.

Looking Inside Zappos’ Corporate Culture Club

February 10, 2011

Launched in 2008, Zappos Insights is where companies go to learn how they can be as cool as Zappos when it comes to corporate culture. Here’s an inside look on how they keep their cool when it comes to support.

Introducing Business Hours, Extended Metrics, and Zendesk for Twitter Updates

February 3, 2011

If you want to be great at something, you must be able to measure it well. At Zendesk we are deep believers in measuring the effectiveness of the customer support that you provide. That’s why our Plus+ customers can now benefit from enhanced ticket metrics and the ability to configure business hours for their help […]

More About Groupon’s Millionth Ticket (and Why It Rocks)

January 22, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the millionth support ticket processed by Groupon’s customer support team. To us, the milestone was so significant, we thought it warranted a flight out to the company’s corporate headquarters in Chicago so we could deliver a giant green cake. When a company can offer that kind of customer support, it […]

Startup Makes Customer Service Look Easy

January 13, 2011

“Zendesk has been a very easy and natural tool for my technicians to learn. It provides all the functionality I was looking for, but without overkill.” –Jonathan Dippert, Director, Stradecis Stradecis provides IT services, IT coaching, and becomes the virtual CIO to smaller organizations. The company helps clients become more efficient by optimizing their use […]

City’s Helpdesk Solution Eliminates IT Bureaucracy

January 7, 2011

“Our main goal was to find a more efficient way to keep our tax application up and running. With Zendesk, we’re providing more customer service for our city’s main source of revenue.” –Leslie Fuentes, Director of IT, City of Hampton, Virginia Hampton is one of seven cities in Virginia’s Hampton Roads metropolitan area – an […]

How Customers Helped ModCloth Grow Into a $16 Million Company

November 29, 2010

Fashion is, by definition, a notoriously fickle business. As Heidi Klum has taught us all: “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” Auf Wiedersehen. So what’s a company to do to keep the fashionistas coming back time and time again? Online fashion hub ModCloth stays hip, happening, and fresh by putting a heck […]

Do you benchmark your customer service? You should. Here’s why.

November 9, 2010

[Update: Since we wrote this blog post, we’ve launched the Zendesk Benchmark. Check it out to learn how your support stacks up against your peers]. Compare Your Performance Benchmarking is an opportunity to measure how your performance compares to that of your peers and competitors. It’s also a way to see whether your organization is reaching […]

Tip of the Week: Email Support for Two Different Products

October 1, 2010

It is a common scenario for one company to produce more than one product – a software company with three different apps for instance; or a print shop that sells its products to two distinct audiences. In these cases, it can be helpful to keep the support experience for your customers specific, not to your […]

Three Models for Customer Engagement

May 18, 2010

Love your help desk. That’s been the Zendesk tagline since day one. Phrased by my co-founder Alexander, it really nails what Zendesk is all about: After so many years of bad customer support experiences, we wanted to give the world an opportunity to get great service experiences. From the receiving side, from the providing side, […]

Setup auto-responses to common questions with triggers

April 8, 2010

One of the keys to streamlining your customer support is responding appropriately to tickets as they come in and as they go through your support process