The Art of the Cold Call

September 23, 2010

In this era of using nearly everything but the good old telephone to reach out to customers, Inc. offers an incredibly comprehensive list of tips for cold calling big customers. That is, how to pick up the phone and reach out to giant Fortune 500 companies and not have them immediately hang up on you.

Sales coach Wendy Weiss, author of “Cold Calling for Women: Opening Doors and Closing Sales,” dishes out several bon mots in the article, such as:

I like to think about how Donald Trump would do it. He would probably say to the gatekeeper, ‘This is Donald Trump, is she there?’ It’s really that simple — it exudes confidence and authority, and it often saves a lot of time.

She also advises on how cold callers can get around some of the most common excuses in the book, like “Not now. I’m too busy,” and “We already have a vendor.”