The Cost of Waiting One More Day to Resolve Customer Issues

The Cost of Waiting One More Day to Resolve Customer Issues

January 3, 2013
The Cost of Waiting One More Day to Resolve Customer Issues

Time to resolution has always been a key benchmark for retail customer service. Why? Because research by the UK Institute of Customer Service shows that the approximate cost of resolving a customer issue within 24 hours is $4.70. But waiting just one more day causes that cost to skyrocket to approximately $7.80.

For large companies dealing with millions of tickets annually, this has the potential to save (or cost) millions of dollars. And for smaller companies that have to keep a watchful eye on every cent, the ability to save money for every customer issue is a major consideration.

The explosion of social media and online communication vehicles has complicated the delivery of fast time to resolution, especially for retailers. As our new white paper, Retail Customer Service Imperatives illustrates, it’s absolutely necessary to have the ability to respond to customer complaints and questions no matter what channel they are using; Twitter, email, Facebook, etc.

So what can retailers do to keep customers happy and loyal? There are 3 imperatives they must follow:

  • Create a seamless customer service experience: provide a “one face of the brand” for your customers seeking support
  • Meet the customer wherever they are and when they choose: this means being able to respond on newer channels such as Twitter and Facebook, but also more traditional ones like chat and voice
  • Resolve customer service issues quickly

Read the Zendesk white paper Retail Customer Service Imperatives

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