The fastest service in the west (and everywhere else)

The fastest service in the west (and everywhere else)

July 2, 2013
The fastest service in the west (and everywhere else)

When it comes to retail, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is to provide awesome customer service. And when it comes to service, speed is one of the most important factors:

  • How long did it take you to acknowledge a question or complaint?
  • Did it take too much time for you to resolve the issue?
  • Could a customer quickly find the answer she was looking for in your FAQ or help center?

A customer service study we commissioned shows that the #1 factor cited in defining what made a customer service interaction positive was a speedy resolution. The converse is also true: A whopping 69% said that a negative experience was caused by the issue not being resolved quickly enough.

ModCloth understands the important role that speed plays in providing great customer support. The vintage-inspired fashion and decor online retailer was recently featured in a Retail Touch Points article, ModCloth Speeds Service Response Times with Zendesk:

Metrics such as first-response rate, first-resolution rate and comparisons with industry benchmarks arm employees with the information they need to keep a pulse on performance, and in turn, speed response times. Overall, 96% of care tickets are answered at first contact, with agents responding to inquiries within seven hours.

Similarly, an article titled Fix Your Customer Service, published in Inc., details ModCloth’s success with improving their processes and better serving their customers. ModCloth’s Audrey Griffith shared these impressive results in the article: “Zendesk has allowed for a much more manageable workflow for the team and as a result, we’ve seen about 20% improvement in productivity. First-response times also came down from 37 hours to seven hours within seven months.”

For proof that speed directly impacts customer satisfaction, look no further than our Benchmark report, which shows that Zendesk customers with an average first response time of less than 10 hours have a customer service rating of 90% or higher.

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