The new Zendesk: beauty

September 20, 2012

Customer service isn’t easy. This truth was a major motivator behind creating the new Zendesk. While we can’t make it easy, we did make it easier. We’ve already discussed how the new Zendesk is fast and simple, but today we’re going to delve into something you might not have guessed would be a goal for a company that makes customer service software: beauty.

The fact is, Zendesk is something that customer service agents will be looking at for hours at a time. So it was very important for us to create something that would not only be simple and effective to use, but also pleasant to look at; the new Zendesk was built from the ground up with that purpose in mind. The agent interface is sleek and clean, and allows users to access everything they need from a single page.

Analytics are critical business tools that businesses need to measure their success. But most people would never think of them as being beautiful. The new Zendesk provides powerful dashboard reporting for Regular, Plus+, and Enterprise users that help you track customer satisfaction and your team’s performance. This dashboard not only provides a quick snapshot of the health of your customer service organization, but it actually looks good, too.

But of course, beauty runs deeper than appearance. The new Zendesk can be localized in over 10 languages and supports many, many business applications. It also offers a multi-tabbed interface. These tabs allow agents to seamlessly work on or reference multiple tickets at once, and to have a more holistic view of the issue they’re working on and the customer they are working with.

All of which contributes to an experience that can only be described as beautiful.

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