The new Zendesk for Salesforce integration is here

December 11, 2012

According to the Frost & Sullivan whitepaper, “Service and Support at the Speed of the Customer,” the gains in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty brought on by “customer service agents armed with the correct information at the correct point in the interaction” lead directly to increased revenues. (Read our take on this in our new “Matchmaking in the Cloud: A Perfect Marriage of Sales and Support” whitepaper)

One of the ways we are making it easier to access customer information at the correct interaction points is with our newly updated Zendesk for Salesforce integration. The new integration unites your two customer-facing teams—support and sales, and their favorite tools—Zendesk and Salesforce, so everyone is on the same page when engaging with customers.

  • Give your support team complete access to sales data and vice versa: You can pull in any CRM data, including custom objects, so your support team can see a full Salesforce customer profile right next to a live ticket—all without having to leave Zendesk. And for your sales team, they will be able to view complete Zendesk tickets including custom field data in Salesforce.
  • Create a single customer database between sales and support that is always in sync: You can manage your customer records database in Salesforce but access it from either Zendesk or Salesforce with real-time data sync of Salesforce accounts, contacts, and leads with Zendesk organizations and users.
  • View Salesforce reports which include Zendesk data: We’ve built a pre-built reporting dashboard in Salesforce with built-in reports that slice and dice Zendesk ticket data through several Salesforce lenses.

To learn more about Salesforce integration, watch the video above and check out our forum post or user’s guide.

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