The Travel Industry Is Focused on the Customer

November 29, 2010

Port of San Diego Cruise Ship It’s a bit of a brain teaser. A company touts itself as being customer-centric, but that doesn’t mean it can always guarantee flawless customer service. Though it’s easy to think one would automatically guarantee or lead to the other, customers are too much of a wildcard to make it so.

“To be clear, customer-centric doesn’t always mean customer service. But that doesn’t mean that having customer-centric data can’t lead to experiences that include customer service activities. When it comes to customer service, even customer-centric companies will trip up and falter.”

Case in point: the travel industry. Obviously, there’s hardly an industry more customer-centric than the travel industry, but as nearly every single person in the universe can attest, its customer service isn’t something that people religiously swear by. But it is customer-centric.

Lest anyone be confused, Beth Harte over at Harte of Marketing offers a round up of articles that look at a handful of travel companies that are changing the game through customer-centric models.

Photo courtesy of the Port of San Diego.

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